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Enter the medieval horror adventure of Grendel: Fiend From Hell, a thrilling game where you must defeat the terrifying monster that is terrorizing a peaceful village. As the brave warrior, your success will be celebrated with songs sung in your honor. Enjoy cool and scary monsters, smooth controls, and high-quality 3D environment graphics in this gameplay from Poison Games. With five weapons at your disposal - Dagger, Hatchet, Mace, Bow and Arrows, and Oil Bomb - can you survive the night and conquer the medieval horror that awaits? Click now to download and start your heroic journey!


- Cool and Scary Monsters: Encounter a variety of cool and scary monsters that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Each monster poses a unique challenge, adding to the thrill and excitement of the game.

- Medieval Horror Adventure: Immerse yourself in a dark and terrifying medieval world as you navigate through haunted forests, haunted castles, and eerie graveyards. The atmospheric setting adds to the overall horror experience.

- Smooth Controls: Enjoy a seamless gaming experience with smooth and responsive controls. Easily maneuver your character to defeat enemies and explore the treacherous environments.

- High-quality 3D Environment Graphics: Immerse yourself in stunning 3D graphics that bring the medieval horror world to life. The detailed environments and atmospheric lighting create a truly immersive experience.

- Gameplay from Poison Games that you love: Experience gameplay from the renowned game developer, Poison Games. Known for their thrilling and addictive games, this app promises an engaging and exciting adventure.

Five Weapons:

- Dagger: A quick and agile weapon ideal for close combat situations. Use it to swiftly eliminate enemies that get too close for comfort.

- Hatchet: A strong and powerful weapon capable of dealing heavy damage. Swing the hatchet with precision to take down even the toughest adversaries.

- Mace: Crush your foes with the brute force of a mace. This heavy weapon is perfect for smashing through armor and delivering devastating blows.

- Bow and Arrows: Take a stealthy approach with the bow and arrows. Pick off enemies from a distance with your accurate aim, avoiding direct confrontations.

- Oil Bomb: Set enemies ablaze with the oil bomb. Use this explosive weapon strategically to create chaos and distract enemies, giving you the upper hand.


With Grendel: Fiend From Hell, you'll embark on a thrilling adventure filled with cool and scary monsters, smooth controls, and high-quality 3D environment graphics. Armed with a variety of weapons, you'll have to navigate through haunted forests and castles, defeating enemies and ultimately killing Grendel. Download the app now and prove yourself as the brave warrior who will be remembered in songs for years to come.



  • Where are the keys?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2024-03-31 21:34:30
  • Movie hein
    2024-03-31 18:08:29
  • Poison games I would like a way to contact you because I have a creepy pasta I'll let you use
    2024-03-31 02:26:44
  • you need to update
    2024-03-30 20:38:35
  • Amazing game make luaghing jack ITS SUPER ScarY
    2024-03-29 08:50:23
  • All of his games are great my opinion
    2024-03-29 05:38:14