Champion Fight

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Champion Fight is an engaging 2D hand-to-hand combat game, similar to Street Fighter and Tekken, available on Android. With over 20 different fighters to choose from, you can engage in 3-on-3 battles where two fighters actively challenge each other at any given time. The game controls are simple and well-adapted for touchscreens, allowing you to attack with simple hits by tapping and defend by pressing with two fingers. As you progress, you can unleash special attacks and switch out tired fighters for fresh replacements. With over 100 levels to beat, you'll unlock new fighters, weapons, and shields, making Champion Fight a retro game that is incredibly entertaining to play on your smartphone.

Features of this App:

- Over 20 different fighters to choose from, all accessible from your Android device.

- 3-on-3 battles where 2 fighters actively challenge each other at any given time.

- Simple and well-adapted touchscreen controls, allowing for easy attacking and defending.

- Special attacks can be unleashed when the energy bar is high enough.

- Ability to switch out tired fighters for fresh replacements with a simple tap.

- More than 100 levels to beat, with distinct player combos and rewards to unlock new fighters, weapons, and shields.

Conclusion: Champion Fight is a 2D hand-combat game similar to popular titles such as Street Fighter and Tekken. With its wide range of fighters, dynamic battles, intuitive controls, and various rewards, it offers an incredibly entertaining retro gaming experience that translates well to smartphones. The appealing graphics and gameplay ensure that users will be compelled to download and play this game for a long time.



  • One of the best games better shadow fight I'm telling you
    2024-03-31 01:27:59
  • Very nice in small size
    2024-03-30 23:56:29
  • It so good and qulit graphic
    2024-03-29 21:59:47
  • Is soo s pecial and fine is very very good fight game
    2024-03-29 17:58:07
  • I love it it's jxt that it's slow on my device
    2024-03-29 13:08:57
  • This game is so congruous and kicker so I like this game It have to be popular in the world
    2024-03-28 07:08:00