Phoenix Retro Arcade

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Introducing a classic retro 80s shoot 'em up game that will take you on a thrilling journey! In this arcade game, your mission is to annihilate the Warbirds, Phoenix, and ultimately the Mothership. Experience the authentic coin-op feel of the glory days and challenge yourself to reach the top of the Google Play Game Leaderboards. With support for Bluetooth Gamepad Controllers, you can enjoy seamless gameplay. The best part? You can play offline! No need for WiFi or internet. Save your progress by quitting and continue whenever you please. Get ready for a nostalgic blast from the past with Phoenix Retro Arcade! For assistance or to share your gameplay, feel free to contact And remember, you're more than welcome to showcase your Phoenix skills on YouTube or any other platform!

Features of Phoenix Retro Arcade:

> Classic arcade experience: This app brings back the nostalgia of the retro 80s shoot 'em up games. It offers a classic arcade coin-op experience that will remind you of the golden era of gaming.

> Google Play Game Leaderboards: Compete with players from around the world and see how you rank on the leaderboards. Challenge yourself to reach the top and show off your gaming skills.

> Bluetooth Gamepad Controller support: Enjoy a seamless gaming experience by connecting your Bluetooth gamepad controller. Take control of your gameplay and maneuver through the levels with precision.

> Offline play: No need for WiFi or internet connection to play this game. You can enjoy the adrenaline-pumping action anytime, anywhere, even in areas without a stable internet connection.

> Save your progress: Quit the game and continue where you left off whenever you want. There's no need to worry about losing your progress as the app allows you to save your game and pick up from where you left off.

> Easy permissions explained: The app only requires a few simple permissions to function properly. It uses SD card storage for video ads and internet access for video ads and analytics. Rest assured, it does not access any other data on your device.


Phoenix Retro Arcade is an exciting app that brings back the magic of classic arcade games from the 80s. With its authentic coin-op experience, support for Bluetooth gamepad controllers, and offline gameplay, it offers a convenient and immersive gaming experience. Additionally, the ability to save your progress and compete on global leaderboards adds a competitive edge to the game. Download Phoenix Retro Arcade now and relive the thrill of retro gaming on your device.



  • Exact copy of the original arcade, unfortunately the movement of your ship is hindered by the big control items on the screen, plus hard to see enemy fire on small screen
    2024-03-29 17:44:03
  • I love this game. Minus the titles and credits to Amstar/Taito.... it is as close as you will get. Very enjoyable. The ads are annoying but getting past them and playing a peice of history is worth it.
    2024-03-29 13:40:58
  • Installed it. Enjoyed 10 seconds of nostalgia. Then was forced to watch a 20 second add. Deleted it. Would have payed to play the game but will never put up with adds. Bye.
    2024-03-29 09:12:51
  • Very close to the original arcade game. Virtual controls are difficult to get used to. Not like the real buttons or joystick.
    2024-03-28 22:30:29
  • A trip down memory lane! One of my favorite arcade games when I was a boy. Back then in the 80s, I had to pay one Philippine peso to play the game but thanks to you, I can now play it for free! The sounds and graphics are exactly the same as the arcade version. Thank you, you truly deserve a 5-star rating!
    2024-03-27 21:56:25
  • Exactly like the arcade machine from the 80's... Love it
    2024-03-27 20:54:42