Idle Cutter: Wood Slice

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Welcome to Idle Cutter: Wood Slice, the land of peace and joy! Slice and dice into paradise with one of the most satisfying games! Designed for your satisfying experience, Idle Cutter blends intuitive cutting mechanics with visual ASMR effects. Slice through wood at your own tempo, build a lumber empire, and unlock bonus levels with unique logs like watermelon and avocado. Upgrade your saw knife for perfect cuts and build your own lumber town. Unwind with the soothing experience of this engaging cutting game. Download Idle Cutter now and switch to flying cut mode to slice it all!

Features of Idle Cutter: Wood Slice:

- Slice and dice: Enjoy the satisfying experience of cutting and chopping wood in a peaceful and joyful environment.

- Unique wood species: Combine different logs to create new and unusual wood species, earning more cash with every slice.

- Upgrades: Use the money earned from slicing to sharpen your saw knife, increasing its speed and efficiency.

- Bonus levels: Encounter special logs like watermelon or avocado-like wood carvings, adding variety and challenge to the game.

- Build your lumber town: Use the harvested timber to construct houses and banks, creating your own city.

- Relaxing gameplay: Unwind with the visual ASMR effects and haptic feedback of every cut, providing a soothing experience.


Idle Cutter Island offers a satisfying and relaxing gaming experience. With its intuitive mechanics, players can enjoy the simple pleasure of slicing and dicing wood. The game's unique feature of combining logs to create new wood species adds an element of creativity and progression. Upgrades and bonus levels provide additional challenges and rewards. Building a lumber town adds a sense of accomplishment and customization. Overall, Idle Cutter Island is a colorful and engaging game that will keep players hooked for hours. Download now to experience the joy of chopping wood and unwind from the stress of everyday life!



  • Won't run. It just crashes in loading screen.
    2024-02-09 01:59:21
  • This game is totally awesome and it's really designed for children and it's a great time killer
    2024-02-08 22:30:53
  • So far so good as long as I'm not getting overdone with ads.
    2024-02-08 10:21:33
  • Oh yeah definitely my favorite people onthe fact that isn't that it's one hell of a time killer it's super easy
    2024-02-08 03:25:11
  • Lulls you in with promise of no ads then bombards you with ads after asking you to review their game
    2024-02-07 07:52:43
  • Uninstalled after first random ad.. dont push random ads if u want to ppl play.
    2024-02-07 07:19:41