Meteor Strike : The Earth

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Experience the thrill of a meteor strike in the action-packed game, Meteor Strike: The Earth! Control the falling meteor and navigate through obstacles and circular gates to avoid collisions. Maximize your speed and booster gauge to crash into enemy meteorites and deal massive damage. As you progress, launch multiple meteorites simultaneously and create chain combos for even more destruction. Use the elements of fire, water, plant, and land to your advantage and choose from attack, defense, or support types of meteorites. Grow your meteor in the inventory menu to become even more powerful. Download now and unleash chaos!

Features of the App:

- Intuitive Control: The game offers easy and intuitive control with just drag and drop, making it accessible for all players.

- Thrilling Gameplay: Experience the ultimate thrill as you control a falling meteor, avoiding obstacles and passing through circular gates.

- Epic Battles: Maximize the fall speed and booster gauge of your meteor to attack and crash into enemy meteorites, dealing damage and destroying them.

- Chain Combos: Launch multiple meteorites simultaneously and create chain combos by connecting and colliding them with enemy meteorites, increasing the damage.

- Element and Types: Each meteor has a unique element (fire, water, plant, or land) and type (attack, defense, or support), allowing for strategic gameplay and inflicting more damage on enemy meteorites.

- Meteor Growth: Enhance your meteor's abilities by growing it in the inventory menu using enhancement materials and meteor cores, which can be obtained by clearing stages or purchasing them at the store.


"Meteor Strike: The Earth" is an action-packed game that offers thrilling gameplay and easy controls. With its intuitive drag and drop control, players can enjoy the excitement of controlling a falling meteor, avoiding obstacles, and passing through gates. The epic battles against enemy meteorites, along with the ability to launch multiple meteorites and create chain combos, add depth and strategy to the gameplay. The unique elements and types of meteorites further enhance the strategic aspect of the game, allowing players to inflict more damage on enemies. Additionally, the option to grow and enhance your meteor in the inventory menu adds a progression element to the game. Overall, "Meteor Strike: The Earth" promises an exhilarating experience for players who enjoy fast-paced action games. Click now to download and embark on an epic meteoric adventure!