Justice Rivals 3 Cops&Robbers

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Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience with Justice Rivals 3 Cops&Robbers, an action-packed first-person shooter game set in a sprawling 3D Open World. As a player, you have the exhilarating choice of joining either the cops or the robbers team, engaging in thrilling heist missions both in singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Each team comes with its own set of objectives, demanding your utmost skills and strategies to emerge victorious. In singleplayer mode, you can take charge by giving orders to your team, allowing you to meticulously plan every move towards success. In multiplayer, gather your crew and prepare to conquer various locations, from modest stores and houses to massive banks and casinos. The stage is set, are you ready to join the ultimate battle between law and chaos? Get your game face on and let the fun begin!

Features of Justice Rivals 3 Cops&Robbers:

- Choose your side: The app allows users to select between playing as a cop or a robber, adding an element of choice and versatility to the gameplay experience.

- Immersive 3D Open World: The app offers a visually stunning and interactive environment, allowing players to explore a 3D open world for a more realistic and engaging gameplay.

- Singleplayer and multiplayer modes: Users have the option to play the game either solo or with friends in multiplayer mode, enhancing the social aspect and offering different challenges and dynamics.

- Team coordination: In singleplayer mode, users can give orders to their team members, enabling strategic planning and better chances of mission success.

- Exciting heist missions: The app provides a variety of thrilling missions, from simple store and house robberies to high-stakes bank and casino heists, offering endless hours of exciting gameplay.

- Action-packed first-person shooter: Whether playing as a cop or a robber, the app offers intense and adrenaline-fueled action as players engage in thrilling shootouts and tactical combat.


Justice Rivals 3 is an exciting and immersive 3D open world action game that allows players to choose between cops and robbers teams. With both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, the app offers thrilling heist missions and intense first-person shooter gameplay. Engage in team coordination, plan your missions strategically, and enjoy hours of fun in this action-packed game. Click here to download and experience the excitement now!



  • A hot pile of garbage. I thought it was okay at first, but the number of hackers I encountered in one day is appalling. And the cops are extremely disadvantaged vs. the robbers—which is probably why most of the hackers I had the "pleasure" of meeting were on the cops team. Another problem, as mentioned by others, is the jumping and running, which a stamina bar would certainly solve. This game poorly addresses major issues in many other RPG/FPS games, and the updates do little to solve them.
    2024-02-10 08:30:54
  • I played this game for a about years and finally it updated. They've added a helmet, a motorbike and the Fake Death which is my favorite update so far. You can now ragdoll without dying and you can ragdoll when you bump a wall with the motorbike. My only problem is the controllers and the reloading guns. In controllers I suggest adding a left fire botton. And in realoding guns especially in shotgun, add a cancelling realod. And I think that's all. Thanks for reading until the end. Keep up
    2024-02-09 13:48:38
  • For the moment, my experience with the game was pretty good. The game would be more better if you improve the graphics. And as their is already a military jeep, why don't you guy add a military character. I hardly request you guys to add these things I've mention above, and please try to add a new gun. I recommend the M249 ( machine gun ). Thank you for reading.
    2024-02-09 05:03:36
  • ADD MORE GUNS and could you devs add aim down sights for guns and attachments for guns also could you make the characters be customizable that would be very good! And I also would like if cops can swim underwater, and could you make boats too? and also can you guys like add a customization shop and other game mechanics! That would be really great and appreciated! Thank you for reading my suggestion!
    2024-02-08 16:26:59
  • This game is really good but it's a bit hard being a police officer. Like the pay out for taking down criminal's 1000 for head shots and 500 for body shots and I keep wasting ammo it would be cool if you could arrest criminal and get a bigger cash reward like 5000 or something. spike traps also cool idea
    2024-02-06 18:34:42
  • It's a good game but i wish you could add more cars and add the map it must be a big city so that we could easily outrun the police but it will be even more better when you add the map and more missions to do thank you
    2024-02-06 04:43:39