Special Ops: FPS PVP Gun Games

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Experience intense and immersive real-time FPS action in Special Ops: FPS PVP Gun Games. Engage in critical battles and strike enemies in this modern online arena shooter. Whether you're into multiplayer PvP, single player FPS, or sniping, this game has it all. Annihilate your opponents in real-time PvP battles, team up with friends in team mode, or take on terrifying single player missions. With new maps, awesome weapons, and an elite competition system, Special Ops will blow you away. Download now for free and become a master of the battlefield!

Features of Special Ops: FPS PVP Gun Games:

> Intense, immersive real-time FPS action with an awesome tactical movement system for a console-like shooting experience.

> Addictive multiplayer gameplay where you can team up with friends to annihilate enemies in Team Mode or experience the terror of fighting off teammates turned into zombies.

> Varied and realistic scenarios with fair matches and no gun upgrading systems, allowing for a sniper-style play.

> 100% Action FPS Maps with 8 maps to provide the best FPS shooting experience.

> Login daily to receive free gifts, quests, bonus EXP, and credits to enhance your gameplay.

> More than 20 customizable weapons and skins to personalize your arsenal and stand out as a cool multiplayer FPS player.


Discover intense, immersive, and addictive FPS action with Special Ops: FPS PvP War-Online gun shooting games. Engage in real-time battles, team up with friends or face off against enemies, and enjoy varied scenarios and maps, all while customizing your weapons and earning daily rewards. Download now for free and join the exciting world of online shooting games.



  • its very fun. i like it. heres an idea that seems to be a very good idea! 4 things actually! 1. have a game mode thats like War from CoD which is simply do a series of varied objectives in a map. 2: Why dont we take idea 1 a step further, and let us make our own War map with objectives! 3: Custom guns to go with those maps. (Balanced of course.) 4: Scorestreaks/Custom Scorestreaks because those are always fun. now i only have a 500 word max so u like idea leme know and ill email you more details
    2024-02-06 17:15:51
  • wish there was also a more people vs people storyline for single player campaign instead of fighting demons & skeletons. like make a war story? also it takes forever to upgrade your weapons & its easier to just by a sniper & max armor & win pvp rounds that way, usually its some chinese or Japanese players with that set up. you can never kill them, even if its just them vs a full team. its obnoxious. but otherwise its a decent game 2 kill a little bit of time. the maps are fun to explore
    2024-02-06 16:22:56
  • There is no character change or special outfits, they all looks same. There no new maps or ranked games. I can't search my friend's I'd like free fire. It maps size was very small
    2024-02-05 07:48:11
  • I love this game the best #1 game feels like playing on computer counter strike & the Single player it's really awesome feels like playing (SERIOUS SAM). awesome control , smooth gameplay , nice graphics please add jump & crouch ... Having problem while connecting to Facebook maybe the page got removed from fb and the developer too fix that issue i need to save the game progress & connected
    2024-02-05 07:29:24
  • Overall it is a good game and I am a you tuber( ops steel Clasher) and make videos of this game and some more games. It is a good game but some changes can be done in the game to make game much more better, like jumping and crawling option can be added, grenade option can be added and most importantly there should be an option that we can take guns of the opponents who got killed , within 10 seconds or something. Also there can be display of teammates location in map
    2024-02-04 23:30:05
  • Really like game reminds me of half life .so have a question do robots fill in when there's no humans to play like half life.ok been playing awhile,would like to be able to change teams at break( be able just once ).also would really like to change guns at respawn & where's my shotgun!!!!!...flag cap would be fun to,take it from there's to a certain spot at your base,if killed flag stays there til repicked up or 30 sec then resets in there base. Love the game thank you.oh humans remove bots
    2024-02-04 19:20:16