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USP - ZX Spectrum Emulator is a versatile app that brings the nostalgia of retro gaming to your device. With support for multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and more, this app allows you to play classic ZX Spectrum games with ease. Experience the authentic 48/128K graphics and high-quality 44KHz/16 bit stereo sound emulation. The on-screen full 40 keys rubber zx keyboard and joystick support make gameplay intuitive and enjoyable. With additional features like auto-playing files, snapshots, and online sources integration, this app is a must-have for any retro gaming enthusiast. Download now and relive the golden age of gaming!

Features of the App:

- Multiple Platform Support: This app can be used on various platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Symbian, Dingoo A- Caanoo, WIZ, Android, PSP, Raspberry Pi, Chrome NaCl, and Blackberry.

- Authentic Emulation: Enjoy the nostalgic experience of the 48/128K (Pentagon multicolors) graphics and high-quality 44KHz/16 bit stereo sound emulation, including AY/YM and Beeper.

- User-Friendly Interface: The app provides an on-screen full 40 keys rubber zx keyboard, making it easy to navigate and play games. It also supports Kempston, Sinclair, Cursor, and QAOP Joysticks, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

- Advanced Features: Take advantage of multi-touch support and Android TV support for enhanced gameplay. The app also offers auto-playing files, beta disk interface, RZX replays support, tape with fast loading support, and snapshots.

- Customization Options: Customize your gaming experience with zooming and filtering options, GigaScreen support, and a black-and-white mode option.

- Online Integration: Access online sources such as,,, and directly from the app, allowing you to explore and download a wide range of content.


USP - ZX Spectrum Emulator is a versatile app that brings the classic gaming experience of the 80s to multiple platforms. With its authentic emulation, user-friendly interface, and advanced features, it offers a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. The app also provides customization options and online integration, allowing users to personalize their gameplay and access a vast library of content. Don't miss out on the opportunity to relive the nostalgia - click to download Unreal Speccy Portable now.



  • No instructions to start loading a game...stuck on main screen... v v disappointing
    2024-01-30 10:08:42
  • I've just updated my review from one star to three, so far, as I have found the issue with this app... the top file-open and spanner buttons do not work on many occasions, such as my first, frustratingly, and so there was no way to open anything or get help or options etc! I imagine some others are having this same issue, as in the case of the person that said there were no instructions and no go. I don't like how that menu and spanner button are grey even when they DO work! It's not convincing when you see buttons that look greyed out! You may wish to add a little colour to these, devs? Anyway, now I'll access the DB's and hopefully will have an enjoyable experience. Then I'll return and update my review with, hopefully, 5 stars! I have a Samsung S4 Mini... cuz it's still a great phone and costing me pittance! This app takes about a minute before I get the main screen. I'm guessing that sometimes it doesn't all load correctly causing the top option buttons to be inactive. Devs may wish to investigate this on other devices. I imagine that most do not have this issue given the 4.4+ ratings.
    2024-01-30 06:42:34
  • It make me cry. Lot hours on this machine... 30 years after. Thx
    2024-01-29 15:59:50
  • Sorry for 2 stars rating, just without the rating I cannot comment. My problem is that menu appears on Samsung galaxy s8 together with 'edge', if it is enabled, or does not appear at all, if edge is not enabled. So I cannot use the menu... Help! Update: Tested it once more and this time menu has worked. Weird. 'Edge' is a special Samsung galaxy s8 (and perhaps other Samsung smartphones) shortcuts menu. It interfered somehow with the application menu but now it is OK. Changed the rating to 4 stars. Anyway, big thanks to the developers!
    2024-01-29 14:33:59
  • mapping the tilt sensor to the keys would be a great feature.
    2024-01-29 07:39:53
  • The "save state" mode doesn't work... Can't load a previous game in progress even using the "star" icon to do the save.
    2024-01-28 21:18:30