Focus on Productivity or Sleep

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Introducing Focus on Productivity or Sleep app - your ultimate tool for boosting productivity and improving sleep! Beat phone addiction with features that help you stay focused on your goals. Enjoy high-quality relaxation sounds to enhance concentration and improve sleep quality. Get weekly and monthly reports on productivity, focus, and sleep trends to optimize your routines. Stay on top of tasks with notifications and stay focused. Download now for a balanced and efficient lifestyle!

Features of Focus on Productivity or Sleep:

- Phone Addiction: The app helps users beat phone addiction by providing tools to enhance productivity and concentration, reducing the time spent on the phone.

- Focus and Concentration: The app includes features to improve focus and concentration levels, enabling users to stay on track and complete tasks efficiently.

- Sleep Improvement: The app incorporates relaxing sounds and music to enhance sleep quality, allowing users to have a better and more restful sleep.

- Goal Setting: Users can set and track their goals, which helps in creating a balanced and efficient lifestyle. By completing goals, users can feel more centered and in control of their daily routines and long-term goals.

- Weekly and Monthly Reports: The app provides detailed reports on productivity trends, focus levels, and sleep quality. These insights can be used to make informed changes to routines and habits, improving overall performance.

- Task Management and Notifications: The app allows users to manage tasks, receive notifications, and stay focused on their work, reducing distractions and improving productivity.


With its focus on productivity, concentration, and sleep improvement, Focus on Productivity or Sleep app enables users to enhance their overall well-being and achieve a more balanced lifestyle. By providing tools, goal-setting features, and insights, it helps users stay on track, reduce phone addiction, and improve both productivity and sleep quality. Click now to download and start improving yourself!



  • Since the other day this app gives no coins.
    2024-06-26 02:42:42
  • It's good app but earning little slow please increase earnings fast thank you
    2024-06-25 03:35:15
  • App it's a working Normal When I Subscribe Premium App stop Working No adds Now They Pay 0 So The money I earned I pay Back If u email They Never Reply It's Better To Removed The App DONT waste People Time ...
    2024-06-24 12:23:24
  • Still wondering why every time I finish a task the app is telling me errors? I have not been rewarded for all tasks completed.
    2024-06-23 08:26:15
  • Beautiful app i like it please add more options and more updates thnaks
    2024-06-23 08:06:09
  • Changing from 5 star to 1 as you are not earning money anymore. Best to cancel subscription I guess
    2024-06-23 04:09:06