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Speak & Translate All Languaget is a must-have translation tool that simplifies language barriers in an instant. With the ability to translate text and images into over 100 languages, this app is a game-changer for global communication. Whether you need to understand a menu in a foreign restaurant or read important documents in another language, this app has you covered. The app also features voice translation, allowing you to speak directly into your phone and have your words translated flawlessly. Offering offline translation capabilities, you can use this app anywhere, anytime, even without an internet connection. The Instant Camera Translation feature is particularly impressive - simply point your camera at the text or image and watch it transform before your eyes. Additionally, the PDF Translator lets you quickly translate any text from scanned files. With other features like a microphone for voice translation, access to translation history, and the ability to translate during calls, this app provides a comprehensive translation experience that is reliable and efficient. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to seamless global communication with Translate App Image & Text.

Features of Speak & Translate All Language:

> Text translation: Easily translate text into more than 100 languages by typing.

> Voice translation: Instantly translate into over 100 languages by speaking.

> Offline app: Translate without needing an internet connection to any language.

> Instant Camera Translation: Translate text and images instantly using your phone's camera.

> PDF Translator: Scan and quickly translate text from PDF files into your desired language.

> Additional features: Use the microphone for voice translation, translate text through the phone's camera, access your translation history, and easily translate text after a phone call.


Translate App Image & Text is a versatile translation application that offers a range of features to make translating text and images effortless. It supports over 100 languages for both typed and spoken translations. Users can enjoy the convenience of offline translation, as well as the innovative Instant Camera Translation and PDF Translator features. With additional tools like voice translation via microphone and easy access to translation history, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to break down language barriers.