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Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple accounts on different devices with Dual Space Pro - Multi Accounts. This innovative app allows you to clone applications, enabling you to access multiple accounts simultaneously and stay connected without any interruptions. Keep your personal and work accounts separate yet easily accessible, all while maintaining your privacy with the privacy zone feature. Enjoy seamless performance and effortless account management with Dual Space Pro. Don’t miss out on the convenience and efficiency this app offers - download now and revolutionize the way you handle your social accounts!

Features of Dual Space Pro -Multi Accounts:

❤️ Cloning: Dual Space Pro allows you to clone one application multiple times, allowing you to have multiple accounts of the same app.

❤️ Multiple Accounts: You can have unlimited multiple accounts and keep them all online at the same time.

❤️ Social Account Switching: You no longer need to frequently switch different social accounts on your phone. Dual Space Pro makes it easy to switch between accounts.

❤️ Privacy Zone: The app has a privacy zone feature that allows you to create a secret account that will not be found. Your private account will be hidden and can't be seen by others, ensuring data security and privacy.

❤️ Fast Account Switching: With just one key, you can quickly switch between different accounts running simultaneously on your phone.

❤️ Stable Operation: Dual Space Pro has been developed with years of research in tool software, ensuring stable operation. It has a simple interface, low CPU consumption, and low power consumption.


Dual Space Pro is the ultimate solution to manage a lot of social accounts efficiently. With its cloning feature, you can easily log in to multiple accounts and keep them all online at the same time. The app provides a privacy zone for your secret account and ensures data security. It also offers fast and easy switching between different accounts. With stable operation and a user-friendly interface, Dual Space Pro is a must-have for anyone who needs to manage multiple accounts effectively. Download now and experience the convenience!



  • This app does not work. I use it for snapchat and it has so many glitches, will show I have no friends, will shut down, I won't get my notifications even when I open the app it will show that I have nothing. Paid the $10 for absolutely nothing
    2024-06-14 22:01:28
  • Don't use this application. This application is spoiling my phone, after updating my phone is going blank automatically all the times, I'll not be able to use any option for 10 to 20 min I can't even power off, if anyone wants their phone to get destroyed, use this application
    2024-06-14 05:24:53
  • Overall great app! But the only thing missing is that we can't add google play games which makes my games' smurf accounts to be deleted permanently if I uninstall it. So please make it compatible with google play games. Thank you
    2024-06-13 08:54:55
  • Great app for cloning. Because that working on any android version and very simple to use. I am using that on android 12. That working so good on my phone love it. I highly recomending you to download that for cloning any application.
    2024-06-12 22:09:01
  • the service of this application is very bad. it is not good to use. if used, it will not last long. responses that have been triggered by users as well, they don’t take this matter seriously. as if they just want to make a profit and not make improvements to this application. that's all from me a hurt Dualspace user
    2024-06-12 20:33:21
  • Its good appli.. but Too much ad.. please reduce some.. and they appear always while still playing.. so your game will shutdown or turn off,its means pop up always the add.. pls chang it.. thank you..
    2024-06-12 14:27:27