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AdGuard Home Manager is the ultimate tool for managing your AdGuard Home server right from your mobile device. Designed with user privacy in mind, this app ensures that no personal data is collected or stored. With an easy-to-use interface, you can enable and disable different protections with just one switch. You can also add multiple servers and effortlessly manage them all in one place. Stay in control of your filtering lists, view query logs, configure allowed devices, and much more. Plus, with a sleek Material You interface, the app offers dynamic theming for Android 12 users. Available in multiple languages, AdGuard Home Manager is a must-have for anyone running an AdGuard Home server. Please note that this is an unofficial application and is not affiliated with the AdGuard Home team or software development.

Features of AdGuard Home Manager:

❤️ Easy Server Management: With AdGuard Home Manager, you can effortlessly manage your AdGuard Home server directly from your mobile device.

❤️ Enhanced Privacy Protection: AdGuard Home Manager prioritizes user privacy, ensuring that no personal data is collected. All stored data remains securely on your device.

❤️ Compatibility with Stable Versions: This application is specifically designed to work seamlessly with stable versions of the AdGuard Home server. Please note that it may have compatibility issues with alpha or beta versions.

❤️ Streamlined Controls: Enable or disable different protections using a single switch for convenience and ease of use.

❤️ Multiple Server Support: Add multiple servers to the app and effortlessly manage all of them from one centralized location.

❤️ Comprehensive Management Features: Access and filter query logs, manage your filtering lists, configure allowed devices, DHCP, DNS, and rewrites, and create custom configurations for clients.


AdGuard Home Manager is the ultimate solution for managing your AdGuard Home server on the go. Enjoy hassle-free server management, enhanced privacy protection, and a user-friendly interface to effortlessly control various server settings. Download the app now to have complete control over your AdGuard Home server anytime, anywhere.



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