Fast Cleaner & CPU Cooler

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Fast Cleaner & CPU Cooler is a powerful and essential mobile app that tackles common issues such as slow performance, excessive power consumption, and insufficient memory. With its lightning-fast scanning engine, it can quickly and effectively clean up excess garbage files on your phone with just one click. The intelligent software management feature can analyze the space occupied by apps and detect hidden applications to optimize your phone's performance. It also helps to clear unnecessary processes, reduce memory usage, and improve operating speed. The app automatically blocks spam notifications and annoying advertisements, while the app and file manager feature allows easy management of apps and large files. Additionally, Fast Cleaner includes CPU cooling to prevent overheating and protect your phone's lifespan, as well as an application lock that safeguards your privacy using passwords or patterns. If you want to keep your phone in its best condition all the time, Fast Cleaner is the app you need. Download it now!

Features of Fast Cleaner:

- Super Trash Cleanup: This feature allows users to quickly and effectively clean up excess garbage on their mobile phones with just one click. It uses a lightning scanning engine to ensure a thorough cleanup.

- Intelligent Software Management: The app fully analyzes the space occupied by different software and intelligently detects and kills hidden applications. This helps users optimize their phone's storage and improve performance.

- Solve Mobile Phone Stuck Slowly: Fast Cleaner can clean up useless processes, reduce memory usage, clear freezes, and improve the operating speed of the mobile phone with just one click. This feature helps users overcome performance issues and ensure smooth usage.

- Notification Bar Cleanup: This feature automatically blocks useless spam and annoying advertisements from appearing in the notification bar. It provides a cleaner and less distracting user experience.

- Apps and Large File Manager: Fast Cleaner includes a super tool that allows users to easily manage their apps and large files. This feature helps users organize their files, uninstall unwanted apps, and free up storage space.

- CPU Cooling: Fast Cleaner also includes a feature to cool down the phone quickly if it gets too hot. This helps protect the life of the phone and ensure optimal performance.


Fast Cleaner & CPU Cooler is a necessary app for mobile phone users who want to keep their devices in the best condition. With its small size and strong functions, it effectively solves common problems such as stuck, power consumption, and insufficient memory. The app offers a range of features, including trash cleanup, software management, performance optimization, notification bar cleanup, app, and file management, CPU cooling, and application lock for privacy protection. By providing these features, Fast Cleaner ensures a smooth and hassle-free user experience. Take advantage of the app's capabilities and enjoy a cleaner and optimized mobile phone performance by downloading Fast Cleaner today.