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Looking to free up space on your device and speed up its performance? Look no further than Memory Cleaner and Speed Booster. This simple and lightweight app removes unnecessary cache, stops apps that slow down your device, removes duplicate photos, and more. With its innovative cleaning technology, you can quickly and efficiently optimize your device. The app also features a CPU cooler to prevent overheating and an efficient battery saver to extend battery life. Say goodbye to annoying and unnecessary notifications with the Notification Manager. Take control of your device's performance and download Memory Cleaner and Speed Booster now!

Features of this app:

- Junk Cleaner: Removes unnecessary cache, residual files, junk, and more that slows down the phone.

- Speed Booster: Optimizes running apps to make them work perfectly.

- CPU Cooler: Helps the CPU cooldown by optimizing application performance.

- Battery Saver: Extends battery life by using the power saving feature.

- Notification Manager: Blocks annoying notifications and allows users to manage them in one place.

- Duplicate Photos Cleaner: Finds and deletes identical photos to clear memory.


Are you tired of your device constantly running out of memory and receiving daily notifications that your phone is slow? Look no further! The Memory Cleaner and Speed Booster app is a simple and light app that will make your device feel good. With features like junk cleaning, speed boosting, CPU cooling, battery saving, notification management, and duplicate photo cleaning, this app has everything you need to optimize your device's performance. Download the Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster now and enjoy a great user experience!



  • It is an awesome app. It cleans junk files perfectly in memory. It has so many features that you can use to clean and boost your phone. I really like the CPU Cooler features and the app locker feature of this app. It has an amazing feature that people will surely like.
    2024-06-10 19:15:10
  • The app is nice even though installed in trial version. The app performs the prompt cleanning of the unnecessary junk files including the duplicate photos. Also, the app enables the user to boost the cellphone memory by deleting unnecessary junks thus enabling the smooth performance of the cellphone. The full paid version enables the user to access more features to take the full advantage of the app. Overall the app deserves the 5 stars rating.
    2024-06-09 14:26:09
  • It really help me clean the junk and unused system files and caches that builds up on my phone. This one also helps to speed up the performance of my phone by clearing some junk and unused cache. This app is really a great app on play store.i am very satisfied to use this app, many kind of facilities Right hare, and is perfectly downloaded by phone. The app is so fast to download & easy to use. I am so happy to use ut.
    2024-06-09 10:08:12
  • This app is so cool. It detect the junk file,duplicate im your phone and help you to remove them via simple cleaning. You can choose how you want to remove the junk file its so awesome. You should try it if your phone is slow and hanging a lot. It's because your memory have a lot of junk file stored in it. Thank yoy
    2024-06-09 03:17:45
  • Good application, makes my phone fast and get rid of all the extra things that make the phone heavy, my phone thanks to this application became light while using Awesome app, this application to take care of my phone issues. It clean all the infection and make my phone free of infection . This is very important and so easy to use. It helps to keep the phone storage clean.Absolutely Awesome, the application that we all need to have.
    2024-06-08 23:06:46
  • Amazing app. Easy to use and install. It foes all the work and I just have to press the button and it automatically cleans my phone. Saves me so much time! But i have one problem, it always requires me to save battery for the same apps and boost my phone every day. Can it be fixed? Other than that, great app.
    2024-06-08 00:47:00