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Introducing Wallpaper Wizardrii™ - the ultimate wallpaper app that will change the way you set wallpapers on your device. With the new major release, you can now access images from WW file browser or Android's Gallery, and even set your own images in portrait, landscape, and crop modes. The app offers a range of features including invert, flip, rotate, greyscale, share, and resize. You can also choose from 9 set options such as CropExact, CropLandscape, CropPortrait, CropScale, Exact, Scale, StretchLandscape, StretchPortrait, and SolidColor. With Autoresize images, you no longer have to crop large images to set as wallpapers. Download it now and transform your device's home screen!

Features of this App:

- Set your own images as wallpapers

- Option to set wallpapers in portrait, landscape, and crop mode

- Ability to set images from WallpaperWizardrii, file browser, or Android's Gallery

- Additional functions like inverting, flipping, rotating, greyscaling, sharing, and resizing images

- Various set options available, including crop exact, crop landscape, crop portrait, crop scale, exact, scale, stretch landscape, stretch portrait, and solid color

- Auto-resized images saved in the WallpaperWizardrii directory for future use


Wallpaper Wizardrii™i is an easy-to-use app that allows users to personalize their device by setting their own images as wallpapers. With various options for cropping, scaling, and stretching, users can customize the appearance of their wallpapers according to their preferences. The additional features of inverting, flipping, rotating, greyscaling, sharing, and resizing images add further versatility to the app. The ability to set images from different sources, such as WallpaperWizardrii, file browser, or Android's Gallery, enhances the user experience. Overall, Wallpaper Wizardrii™ is a convenient and user-friendly app for wallpaper customization. Download now and change the way you set wallpapers!



  • Thanks a Lott yaar, ) It's really 'very good, changing wallpaper is one of my favorite things about mobile, n I was get little sad when I come to know, only squared size of pics can be set as wallpaper, you r providing useful app, it's really nice, thank you.
    2024-06-11 05:20:17
  • Sometime this app didn't change my wallpaper , i'm not sure it's because my launcher or this app . I'll give this 5 if this always work *i hope
    2024-06-11 03:24:48
  • Now i can change my tab 4 wallpaper. Awesome !
    2024-06-11 01:21:06
  • I've downloaded this app to support and make lock screen wallpapers but now its not working.. used to be the best app..
    2024-06-10 19:15:17
  • Finally i can change wallpaper on my device
    2024-06-09 12:57:09
  • Couldn't set any wallpaper, says cancel. I use moto g3 android 6.0
    2024-06-09 09:48:13