Muni: ¡Ganar dinero extra!

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Introducing Muni: ¡Ganar dinero extra!, the app that allows you to earn money without leaving home! Become a Muni Leader and start reselling orders to your friends and neighbors, offering them a new experience with better prices and quality. Save even more by grouping groceries together! With Muni, you can group orders in the app and enjoy great prices, without worrying about minimum order requirements or shipping costs. If you prefer to do your individual market shopping, Muni has you covered too. Place your order and receive it the next day, with no shipping cost. Muni offers a wide catalog with everything you need, from fruits and vegetables to groceries, cleaning products, personal care items, drinks, dairy, eggs, beauty products, and baby supplies. Muni is constantly expanding its catalog to meet all demands and aims to be the most complete platform out there. To become a Muni Leader and earn money through resale, simply download the app and share your catalog with your customers via WhatsApp. When your customer places an order, they will receive a link via WhatsApp. Open the link and create your customer's order, then share the receipt with them. Muni will send you a form with the amount you must pay the carrier and the amount you must collect from your customer. Once you receive the order, deliver it to your customer, charge them the amount, and receive the commission from your resale. Muni is currently available in Mexico City and Pachuca. Don't miss out on the opportunity to earn money and provide a great shopping experience to your community – download Muni now!

Features of Muni: ¡Ganar dinero extra!:

- Reselling Orders: Users can earn money by reselling products without leaving their home. They can offer their friends and neighbors better prices and quality through the app.

- Group Ordering: Users can save money by grouping grocery orders together. The app allows users to group orders, enjoy great prices, and forget about the minimum order and shipping costs.

- Individual Market Shopping: Users can also do their individual market shopping through the app. They can place an order and receive it the next day with no shipping cost.

- Wide Catalog: The app offers a wide catalog of products, including fruits, vegetables, groceries, cleaning products, personal care, drinks, dairy, eggs, beauty, and baby products. The goal is to become the most complete platform by constantly increasing the catalog and meeting all demands.

- Becoming a Muni Leader: Users can become Muni Leaders and earn money through resale. They can download the app, share their catalog with customers via Whatsapp, create customer orders, share the receipt, and receive commissions from their resale.

- Availability: The app is currently available in Mexico City and Pachuca.


Muni: ¡Ganar dinero extra! is a convenient and lucrative app that allows users to earn money through reselling orders. It provides a platform for users to offer their friends and neighbors better prices and quality products. The app also offers features like group ordering and individual market shopping, providing flexibility and cost-saving options for users. With a wide catalog and constant efforts to meet customer demands, Muni aims to become the most complete platform in its market. By becoming a Muni Leader, users can earn commissions from their resale activities. Overall, Muni is an attractive and user-friendly app that offers a unique opportunity for earning money from home.