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Introducing the IKEA Indonesia app, your ultimate solution for hassle-free furniture shopping and home inspiration. With this app, you can easily browse and shop for furniture and home accessories from the comfort of your own home. The app offers clear and user-friendly navigation features, allowing you to effortlessly find the products you need. If you prefer to shop in-store, the app provides real-time stock information and even allows you to scan product barcodes for more details. Not only that, but by joining the IKEA Family membership through the app, you can enjoy exclusive rewards and access to special events. Additionally, the app serves as a hub for home inspiration, offering hundreds of decorating ideas and tips.

Features of IKEA Indonesia:

- Easy and convenient online and offline shopping: The IKEA Indonesia app provides clear and easy navigation features, allowing users to shop for furniture and home accessories from the comfort of their own homes or at the store.

- Extensive product collection: Users can browse through a wide range of products by product type or room, making it easier to find the perfect items to redecorate their space.

- Transparent product information: The app provides complete and transparent product information, helping users find products that truly fit their space.

- Stock availability information: For those who prefer to shop at the store, the app provides information about the stock availability in each IKEA store. It also offers a barcode scan feature, allowing users to scan product article numbers to view details and add them to their shopping list.

- Integrated with IKEA Family: Users can register as an IKEA Family member through the app and enjoy special rewards. These rewards can be used for both online and offline shopping. Additionally, there are exclusive events and activities for IKEA Family members.

- Inspiration center: Apart from shopping, the app also serves as a home inspiration center. Users can explore hundreds of home decorating ideas and tips & tricks more easily using the categories feature.


The IKEA Indonesia app offers a seamless and convenient shopping experience. With its easy navigation, extensive product collection, transparent information, stock availability details, integration with IKEA Family, and inspiration center, users can easily find and purchase the perfect furniture and home accessories for their space. Stay up-to-date with the latest events, offers, and new products at IKEA Indonesia store through the app. Download now to enhance your shopping and home decorating experience!