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Introducing the new and improved Lebes App! Now, buying at Lebes has become even easier and more convenient. With a fresh new look and user-friendly interface, you can access a wide range of features at the touch of a button. Open your Lebes Crediário and enjoy exclusive advantages such as flexible payment options of up to 25x in stores or 20x online. Track your credit balance effortlessly and stay in control of your finances. Browse through the best offers, choose delivery or in-store pickup, and easily follow the progress of your order. Need extra cash? Apply for a quick and easy loan directly through the app. Paying your installments is a breeze, with the app generating your ticket number for hassle-free payments. Download the Lebes App now for free and experience the ultimate convenience and benefits that only Lebes can offer!

Features of Lojas Lebes:

> Open the Lebes Crediário: Easily open your Lebes Crediário and enjoy its exclusive advantages. Pay in installments at physical stores or online.

> Monitor Credit Balance: Track your credit balance with ease. View your total limit, amount used, and available balance. Stay in control of your finances.

> Convenient Shopping: Explore the best offers, secure your favorite products, and choose to have them delivered to your home or pick them up at the nearest Lebes store. Stay updated on your order's progress.

> Quick and Easy Loan: Need some financial assistance? Apply for a personal loan swiftly and simply through the Lebes App. Choose to withdraw the money at the store or transfer it to your account.

> Easy Installment Payments: Pay your Crediário installments from the comfort of your home. The app generates your ticket number, making it extremely convenient.

> Hassle-free Experience: Download the new version of the Lebes App for free and experience all the exclusive facilities it offers. Enjoy the convenience of Lebes at your fingertips.


With the revamped Lebes App, shopping at Lebes has become even more convenient and user-friendly. Easily access your Lebes Crediário, monitor your credit balance, and enjoy hassle-free shopping with various delivery options. The app also offers quick and simple personal loans, along with easy installment payment options. Download the Lebes App now to benefit from these exclusive facilities and experience the convenience of having Lebes at your fingertips.



  • otimo app
    2024-03-24 09:49:36
  • Atualizaram o aplicativo com o intuito de fazer o usuário passar raiva. Algum gênio programador de experiência do usuário teve a brilhante ideia de colocar apenas teclado numérico pra por a senha, sendo que anteriormente ela não foi limitada a apenas números. Não bastasse isso, tem o design ridículo dos celulares dos anos 2000 com 12 teclas e 3 letras por tecla. Se atualizem! Não fiquem regredindo a usabilidade do aplicativo por causa de meia dúzia de analfabeto tecnológico.
    2024-03-23 03:04:28
  • Parabéns excelente trabalho
    2024-03-20 17:52:23