GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location

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Introducing GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application. Whether it's your travel memories or your visit to a particular place, this app allows you to add date, time, map, latitude, longitude, altitude, weather, magnetic field, and compass to your camera photos. Track live location along with your captured photos and send your geolocation to family and friends. With features like custom camera settings, automatic or manual map data, and various stamp details, this app is perfect for travelers, business professionals, event organizers, bloggers, and more. Download GPS Map Camera now and enhance your photos with GPS details. Don't forget to share your best experiences through rate and review.

Features of GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location:

- GPS Map Camera: This app allows users to add GPS coordinates, date, time, and other location-related information to their photos.

- Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location: Users can add geotag stamps to their photos, making it easier to track the location where the photo was taken.

- Custom Camera Settings: The app offers various camera settings such as grid, ratio, front and selfie camera, flash, focus, mirror, timer, and capture sound support.

- Map Data: Users can choose to set map data as automatic or manually input their desired location.

- Stamp Details: The app provides classic templates that automatically fetch stamp details, while the advance template allows users to customize the map type, address, GPS coordinates, date and time stamps, logos, and more.

- Additional Features: The app includes features like weather measurement, compass direction, magnetic field details, wind speed measurement, humidity measurement, pressure measurement, altitude calculation, and accuracy calculation on the image.


GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application is a versatile app that allows users to enhance their travel memories and share their best experiences with family and friends. With its easy-to-use interface and a wide range of features, users can easily track and document their photos with GPS coordinates, date and time stamps, and other relevant information. The app is suitable for various groups of people, including travelers, bloggers, businesses, and individuals hosting events. With its interesting features and the ability to customize stamps and settings, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to add location details to their photos. Download GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application now to start geotagging your photos and sharing your best moments with others. Don't forget to rate and review the app to let others know about your experiences.



  • Best app so far but too slow when opening.
    2024-06-26 04:48:03
  • App Not working only ad displayed please please provide good service to users
    2024-06-25 07:18:23
  • Very wonderful app. It is very nice to use in covering work reports.
    2024-06-24 02:50:30
  • Updated version isn't working properly as it's blinking repeatedly.
    2024-06-24 02:18:37
  • Can't change location and time manually. Worst application
    2024-06-23 20:37:08
  • Best app though tired of unnecessary adds and doesn't support offline smoothly
    2024-06-23 17:39:09