PicWish: AI Photo Editor

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Introducing PicWish: AI Photo Editor, the easiest AI photo editor app you'll ever need! With just a few taps, you can remove backgrounds and unblur photos, making your products stand out like never before. This powerful app features a range of AI photo editing tools. Background remover and eraser allows you to effortlessly remove backgrounds or manually erase them. The photo enhancer brings clarity to your pictures, while the photo eraser and retouch tool helps you eliminate unwanted objects. Need ID photos? Change background color, size, and remove blurs with ease. Plus, unlock the incredible AI art generator, batch mode, and video retouch feature. Upgrade to PicWish Pro for advanced features and take your editing game to the next level. Download PicWish now and light up your products today!

Features of PicWish: AI Photo Editor:

⭐️ Background Remover & Eraser: Easily remove backgrounds from photos with the AI-powered background eraser tool. You can also manually erase backgrounds if needed. Additional features include the ability to change backgrounds, add multiple cutouts, resize, add shadows, and more.

⭐️ Photo Enhancer: Unblur photos and bring clarity to your images with this feature. Enhance the overall quality of your pictures and make them stand out.

⭐️ Photo Eraser & Retouch: Remove unwanted objects, folds, smudges, and text from your images. Give your photos a professional touch by retouching them with ease.

⭐️ ID Photos: Meet ID photo standards by changing the background color and size. Custom and common sizes like 2x2 photos are available. You can also remove blur from your ID photos in just one click.

⭐️ AI Art Generator (New Releases): Turn your ideas into stunning AI artwork. Simply describe what you want to see, and PicWish AI will generate it instantly.

⭐️ Batch Mode: Save time by using the batch mode feature. Remove backgrounds or enhance up to 30 images at once. This is the easiest and fastest way to erase backgrounds and enhance multiple photos.


PicWish is the ultimate AI photo editing app that offers a wide range of features to make your photos stand out. With its automatic background eraser, photo enhancer, and various retouching tools, you can easily create stunning images without any skills required. Whether you're a designer, reseller, or merchant, this app is perfect for you. Give your products a professional touch by removing backgrounds, unblurring photos, and retouching them with ease. Download PicWish now and light up your products today!