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Introducing Australis - Icon Pack Mod, the perfect app to update your mobile device's icons and give it a unique and professional appearance. With a collection of over 25,000 high-quality icons, you can easily customize the look of your phone and express yourself uniquely. The app offers a minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing design, with consistent color palettes that will enhance your device's overall consistency. Not only does Australis provide a wide range of icons, but it also allows you to change their visual appearance in various ways. Experience a cohesive and contemporary aesthetic with this easy-to-use app. Download now and make your smartphone stand out from the crowd.

Features of Australis - Icon Pack Mod:

> Minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing icon sets: The Australis icon set offers users a collection of minimalistic and visually appealing icons that have consistent color palettes, enhancing the overall look of their mobile devices.

> Unique and standout smartphone appearance: By installing the Australis icon pack, even if the user only uses a few popular apps, their smartphone will stand out and have a unique appearance, making it stand out from the crowd.

> Updated icon collection: The Australis icon pack regularly updates its tens of thousands of icons whenever a new version is released, ensuring users always have access to the latest and updated icons.

> Improved color gamut and consistency: Applying Australis to your devices significantly improves the color gamut and consistency, giving your mobile device a more cohesive design and a professional feel.

> Express yourself uniquely: With Australis, users have the ability to change practically every function of their phone to conform to a particular aesthetic approach, allowing them to express themselves uniquely and convey their actual emotions and thoughts.

> Large icon library and customizable visual appearance: The app comes pre-loaded with over >000 high-quality icons, with the option to download even more. Users can also customize the visual appearance of the icons in various ways.


If you're someone who values minimalistic and visually pleasing icon sets with consistent color palettes, the Australis icon pack is a must-have. Not only will it make your smartphone standout and give it a unique appearance, but it will also enhance the overall color gamut and consistency, making your device look more professional. With a large collection of icons that are regularly updated, you'll always have access to the latest and updated icons. Additionally, the ability to customize the visual appearance of the icons allows you to express yourself uniquely. Download Australis now and transform your smartphone into a visually stunning masterpiece.



  • Awesome pack. It's constantly updated
    2024-01-25 03:18:20
  • Been waiting for this! Excellent work.
    2024-01-25 00:12:19
  • Nice icon pack
    2024-01-24 04:32:05
  • Doesn't work without installing another app. Information I feel should have been shared. I want a refund.
    2024-01-23 16:49:37
  • One of the biggest collections out there!
    2024-01-23 13:41:03
  • Amazing. Clean. A lovely alternative to Borealis.
    2024-01-23 02:30:09