Battery Saving Analog Clocks

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Introducing Battery Saving Analog Clocks, the ultimate clock wallpaper app for your phone or tablet! With beautiful analog clocks that are battery-friendly, it allows you to see the time at a glance whenever your screen is on. Choose from a variety of clockfaces and backgrounds, and customize the size, position, rotation, and transparency of the clock. Upgrade to the PRO version for additional features like date display and alarm launcher. With it, you can transform your device into a stunning screensaver with just a double tap. Download now and experience the beauty of time!

Features of this App:

- Beautiful Analog Clocks: Battery Saving Analog Clocks offers a variety of stunning analog clock designs that will enhance the look of your screen. These clocks are designed to be battery-friendly, ensuring that your device's battery life is not compromised.

- Always Visible Time: With this app, you can always see the time on your screen, even when it is on. This feature allows you to easily keep track of time without having to unlock your device.

- Share with Friends: You can easily share this app with your friends and family, allowing them to enjoy the beautiful analog clocks on their screens as well.

- Clockfaces and Backgrounds: The app provides a range of clockfaces and backgrounds to choose from. You can customize the look of your screen by selecting your preferred clockface and background image or color.

- Customization Options: You have the ability to adjust the clock size, position, rotation, and transparency according to your preferences. Additionally, you can invert colors and choose from different seconds arrow modes to further personalize your screen.

- Standalone Application Mode: This app offers a standalone mode, allowing you to launch it as a screensaver app or from the menu without setting it as a live wallpaper. This mode also includes options to prevent pixel burning on AMOLED screens.


Enhance the look of your screen with this app's beautiful analog clocks. With its battery-friendly design, you can enjoy the time always being visible on your screen without worrying about battery drain. Customize your screen with a variety of clockfaces and backgrounds, and personalize it further with adjustable settings. Share Battery Saving Analog Clocks with your friends and enjoy the convenience of always having the time at your fingertips. Download now to experience the beauty and functionality of this app.



  • I like this app. Just wish it had a broader selection of clock faces. Like an old time school clock.
    2024-06-03 08:33:51
  • This was awesome, then there was an Android update & now the clock doesn't show on the lock screen.
    2024-06-02 16:32:37
  • So far so good, I mistakenly hit 1⭐ in the app. I'm sorry for being hasty and not paying attention to the pop up thinking it was an add. Will update soon.
    2024-06-01 23:47:56
  • Configured my choices and got just what I wanted ......just white hands with second hand on a black home screen. Brilliant.
    2024-06-01 07:36:02
  • Great analog clock. I really like that I can choose its size and where to place it on the page.
    2024-05-31 05:53:06
  • Very useful during working hours.. clear and quick way to keep track of the day....
    2024-05-30 22:28:28