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Introducing the KISS launcher, an incredible app designed specifically for Android devices to simplify your home screen and streamline your interface. With this app, you can finally bid farewell to unnecessary clutter and enjoy a tidy, organized space that enhances your accessibility. Say goodbye to wasting time searching for apps amidst a sea of icons; its intelligent search bar learns your preferences, making it a breeze to find your most-used apps with just a couple of letters. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that your private information remains secure as KISS launcher does not send any data to external companies. This lightweight program operates without internet access and doesn't slow down your device, offering a seamless user experience. Embrace the clutter-free lifestyle you've always wanted with the app—download the APK here and experience the joy of effortless navigation.

Features of KISS launcher:

* Simplify your home screen and interface: It helps you declutter your home screen by removing unnecessary elements and providing a clean and tidy space.

* Intelligent search bar: With a search bar at the bottom, it allows you to quickly find the apps you need. It also learns your preferences, making it even faster to access your most-used apps.

* Privacy-focused: KISS launcher respects your privacy and does not send any private information to third-party companies.

* Lite program: Unlike other launcher apps, it is lightweight and won't slow down your device. It also works without the need for an internet connection.

* Customization options: It offers various customization options, including the ability to display the keyboard directly on the screen for easy typing.

* Easy access to settings and apps: The search bar in the app provides quick access to the app's settings, device settings, and wallpaper options. It also features a built-in browser for convenient web browsing.


If you want to simplify your home screen, find apps easily, and save battery life without compromising your privacy, it is the perfect choice. With its intelligent search bar, customization options, and lightweight design, this app offers a clutter-free interface and quick access to all your favorite apps. Download the KISS launcher APK now and enjoy a seamless user experience on your Android device.



  • Undoubtedly one of the best minimalist launcher. Lacks some customization but overall with the new update very promising. Unfortunately I am not using it right now because I am on a strict corporate phone.
    2024-03-22 03:00:36
  • If you can deal with only having a few shortcuts on your home screen, it's great. I found the limitations to be too restrictive. I appreciate the excessively light footprint but I can't do without some of the stuff I've come to expect from launchers.
    2024-03-21 14:47:39
  • It's simple, easy to use and very lightweight. Features get added from time to time. You want to keep it practical - find everything fast and have great battery life + it looks very good = this launcher.
    2024-03-21 11:18:15
  • Fantastic launcher! I had an issue with a small bit of lag on startup and the devs got me sorted out. They were quick to respond and easy to work with. The contacts search is great. The idea works very well.
    2024-03-21 11:09:18
  • basicly kiss is a start menu, which is what makes it great, i don't have ti remeber the page or app name, i can search streaming to bring up youtube, netflix, viaplay two things needed is fixing the offset of separators and more color choice, both of these are nice to haves, so it is a five star
    2024-03-21 06:57:15
  • 2024-03-21 00:40:08