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If you struggle with falling asleep or need some background noise while studying, look no further than Rain Sounds. This incredible app allows you to personalize your auditory experience by choosing from a variety of rain sounds. Whether you prefer the calming patter of rain in a forest or the powerful crackle of thunderstorms, Rain Sounds has you covered. What sets this app apart is its flexibility - you can control the volume, set a timer, and even add additional sounds to create your ideal rain atmosphere. Whether you crave a peaceful drizzle with cicadas or a dramatic storm on the beach, Rain Sounds has it all. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and download this amazing app now!

Features of Rain Sounds:

❤️ Personalized auditory experience: The app offers a variety of rain sounds, including thunderstorms, forest rain, and horse-drawn carriage rain, allowing users to customize their auditory experience.

❤️ Access to preset and custom sounds: Users can access preset rain sounds or add their own sounds to create a unique experience.

❤️ Volume control: The app allows users to adjust the volume of the rain sounds to their preference.

❤️ Timer function: Users can set a timer to automatically stop the rain sounds after a certain period, ensuring a peaceful sleep without playing all night.

❤️ Combine with music: The app enables users to enhance their experience by adding music to the rain sounds.

❤️ Versatile scenes: Users can create different rain scenes, like a light summer drizzle with background cicadas or a thundery storm on the beach.


Rain Sounds is the perfect app for those who struggle with relaxation, need background noise for studying, or simply enjoy the soothing sound of rain. With customizable rain sounds, volume control, timer function, music integration, and versatile scenes, this app offers a personalized and immersive experience. Don't miss out, download the app now for a peaceful and tranquil ambiance.



  • Ads ads ads, this app just completely sucks now
    2024-06-18 14:29:49
  • One too many advertisements for my liking, but overall good sounds
    2024-06-18 06:51:35
  • I'm really pleased with this app. It has a good selection of different rain sounds. The best thing about it is that the ads aren't intrusive. You'll see one short ad when you first select your sound and that's it. Also, some apps have an annoying silent period when a sound clip loops and this app doesn't have that. I use this in conjunction with noise cancelling headphones to help me study and it works really well.
    2024-06-18 04:03:54
  • Used to be good. Now it's really, really badly bloated with ads. Gonna uninstall
    2024-06-17 12:43:32
  • Love all the sound options, in addition to rain sounds. The name of the app is misleading, as it's so much more than just rain sounds. The ability to choose the volume of each sound, and which sounds you want to combine, are fantastic features. It's my nightly go-to go-to-sleep app!
    2024-06-16 18:02:15
  • I have an active subscription until December and I'm now getting these garbage overintrusive ads????
    2024-06-15 10:54:28