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Introducing Stream Live, the ultimate app for music lovers who don't want to miss a single live performance by their favorite artists. With Stream Live, you can watch live shows and exclusive interviews with artists from anywhere in the world, directly on your phone. Never miss a moment of the biggest artists' performances and stay updated on when they'll be live. You can even minimize the app and continue listening to the live shows. Subscribe to stream Premium Live to gain access to monthly live concerts and shows. Download Stream Live now and experience the thrill of live music anywhere, anytime.

Features of this App:

- Live Streaming: Users can watch their favorite artists perform live from anywhere in the world.

- Exclusive Interviews: Access exclusive interviews with favorite artists.

- Ticket Giveaways: Users can participate in giveaways to win tickets to shows all over the world.

- Artist Profiles: Users can search for any track or artist and discover their own profile within StreamLive. They can also follow artists to get updates on when they will be performing live.

- Minimize and Continue Listening: Users can minimize the app and still listen to live shows, ensuring they never miss a moment.

- streamPremiumLive Subscription: Users can subscribe to streamPremiumLive to watch live concerts and shows each month.


StreamLive is an app designed to provide users with the ultimate live music experience. It allows users to watch their favorite artists perform live from anywhere in the world. Additionally, it offers exclusive interviews, ticket giveaways, and the ability to discover and follow artists. The app also allows users to minimize it and continue listening to live shows. With the option to subscribe to streamPremiumLive, users can enjoy even more live concerts and shows each month. Don't miss out on the opportunity to download StreamLive and immerse yourself in the world of live music.



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