Ramdev Pir - Ringtone, Aarti

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Introducing the Ramdev Pir - Ringtone, Aarti! This amazing app allows you to choose from a compilation of Ramdev Pir Aarti and Chalisa, and listen instantly to these beautiful devotional songs. But that's not all - you can also get HD wallpapers for your smartphone. Ramdev Pir is one of the most popular gods for Hindus, especially in Rajasthan where he is known as Babari-Ranujadham. This app brings you the best ringtone collection featuring Ramdev Pir Maharaj. Download the app now and enjoy the divine experience. Features include Aarti audio, Chalisa audio, wallpapers, set as wallpaper or ringtone, automatic stop and continue during calls, and play/pause/stop options for audio. Click now to download!

Features of Ramdev Pir - Ringtone, Aarti:

- Compilation of RamdevPir Aarti and Chalisa: The app offers a selection of Aarti and Chalisa dedicated to RamdevPir, allowing users to listen to them instantly.

- HD Wallpapers: Users can also find a variety of HD wallpapers featuring RamdevPir that they can use as backgrounds for their smartphones.

- Wide popularity: RamdevPir is one of the most popular deities in Hinduism, particularly in Rajasthan where he is known as Babari-Ranujadham. This app caters to the devotees of RamdevPir and provides them with a dedicated platform to explore and engage with their faith.

- Extensive ringtones collection: The app boasts a vast collection of ringtones dedicated to RamdevPir and Babari, allowing users to download and enjoy them on their devices.

- User-friendly features: The app allows users to easily set wallpapers and ringtones through simple touch and click options. It also automatically pauses and resumes music during phone calls, offering convenient functionality.

- Play/Pause/Stop options: Users have the option to control the audio playback of the Aarti and Chalisa, allowing them to play, pause, or stop the audio as per their preference.


From a compilation of Aarti and Chalisa to a wide collection of HD wallpapers and ringtones, this app caters to the diverse needs and preferences of its users. With user-friendly features and convenient options, the app provides an easy and enjoyable way for users to connect with their faith and immerse themselves in the world of RamdevPir. Click here to download and explore the app for yourself.