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Experience the exciting and mysterious world of Randonautica, the official app of the global Randonauts phenomenon. This innovative app generates completely random coordinates for you to explore, offering a unique adventure every time. Use Randonautica to break free from your routine, discover new areas in your neighborhood or city, and even test the power of your thoughts and intentions to influence reality. With a combination of pseudo and quantum entropy, Randonautica provides a set of coordinates that can be explored digitally or navigated in the real world. Join the international community of Randonauts and share your legendary trips and findings. Start your journey now and wander into wonder with Randonautica!

Features of the Randonautica app:

- Generate random coordinates for unexpected adventures: The app allows users to generate completely random coordinates to explore new and unknown areas.

- Test quantum entropy and the mind's ability to influence reality: Users can use the app to test out the concept of quantum entropy and see if their thoughts and intentions can affect their surroundings.

- Escape the matrix and open a real-world portal: The app offers a unique experience of escaping the digital world and immersing oneself in the physical world.

- Exercise and explore by walking to a random location: Randonautica encourages users to get some exercise by walking to a random location, promoting physical fitness and exploration.

- Heightened awareness and spiritual connection: By engaging with random exploration, users can experience heightened awareness, mindfulness, and a spiritual connection with nature, the universe, or a higher power.

- Connect with people across the globe: Randonautica provides an in-app social media feed where users can share their experiences, connect with other users, and build a global community.


The Randonautica app offers a unique and intriguing experience of exploring new places and testing the mind's potential to influence reality. It promotes adventure, mindfulness, and connection with the world around us. With its features of generating random coordinates, encouraging physical activity, and fostering a global community, the app appeals to users seeking novelty, personal growth, and meaningful connections. Click here to download and start your random exploration today!



  • I downloaded this app survival times and all the times I download it it won't let me put the location or have the button that looks like Earth or paperclip button on that page. This really sucks cuz I really wanted to try this but for some reason the app won't let me. I would give it less stars if I could based on the fact I'm not allowed to put my location in and/or have the Earth/paperclip button available. I have a screen shot maybe someone can help. Will be willing to change stars.
    2023-12-17 09:26:08
  • Great idea. I love the idea of totally randomly generated adventures and possible anomalies and what not. But unfortunately almost everything is on private property. Sure it's the journey and not the destination blah blah. Still extremely unsatisfying not being able to reach your destination.
    2023-12-17 06:37:45
  • This app is so difficult/weird to use. It keeps saying I need to set a location. I can't copy or paste anything into the app, the top bar of my keyboard is disabled in the app, I've allowed the app to detect my location yet that doesn't work, because clicking on the emojis did nothing. Tried finding solution online gave up after 5 minutes I'm not waste time trying to figure out an app especially because it gets all glitchy and lags :/
    2023-12-16 23:14:04
  • Only for people who lived in developed places. I live in a rural area and it just kept sending me to my neighbors houses, yard or adjoining property. I put the max distance (which is only around 6 miles) but it just kept sending me up the road (like I could walk there). It seems pointless if I have to drive to a random location and then use it to find something new or interesting. I understand its to find adventure around you but its not far enough unless you live near parks or something
    2023-12-16 03:10:37
  • So...it worked as advertised and have had some great experiences and some stunning synchronicities. Seriously. But... lately the "Randonaut" button with the slider and map that shows your point as an expanding red circle works about 5% of the time. It just keeps saying "error sourcing entropy..." then either gives me a pseudo point or tells me to piss off and try later essentially. Later never comes. I paid for the upgrade to get unlimited points...there is more but I am out of space.
    2023-12-14 10:13:27
  • Total junk, got hit with a paywall before I even made it to the home screen which I then had to enter my email and create a password for. No thanks. This app could be easily replicated with a map of your local area and some footwork. Paying for a random point that may be generated on private property? I think I'd rather give my money to a fortune teller. At least I get entertainment.
    2023-12-14 01:45:28