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The California Road Report App is your ultimate companion for navigating the roads of California. This app brings you all the necessary information you need to have a smooth and safe journey. With a simple tap on your Android device, you can access real-time CHP incidents, chain control updates, rest stops, highway cameras, and CalTrans road conditions across the state. The app even offers notification subscriptions, so you never miss any important updates. Driving mode is also available, allowing you to receive spoken CHP incident reports while keeping your eyes on the road. Whether you're heading up to the mountains for a skiing adventure or planning a road trip, this app is a must-have for all California drivers.

Features of California Road Report:

- View CHP incidents: The app allows users to view incidents reported by the California Highway Patrol, such as accidents, road closures, and hazards, providing real-time information about the current state of the roads.

- Chain control information: Users can access information about where chain control is being enforced during snow storms, which is especially useful for those planning to drive to the mountains for winter activities like snowboarding or skiing.

- Driving Mode: The app features a driving mode that allows users to have CHP incident reports spoken to them while they drive, ensuring their eyes stay on the road while still receiving important updates.

- Search for CalTrans road conditions: Users can search for road conditions on any given highway in California, making it easy to check if there are any chain requirements, road work, or closures before embarking on a journey.

- Nearby rest stops: The app provides information about nearby rest stops, allowing users to easily find a place to take a break or use facilities during their travels.

- Highway cameras: Over 500 highway cameras are available on the app, giving users access to live video feeds of various highways in California. This feature is particularly helpful for checking traffic conditions, weather, or simply satisfying curiosity about the state of different highways.


California Road Report provides unparalleled travel experience for users. With features like viewing CHP incidents, chain control information, driving mode, search for road conditions, nearby rest stops, and highway cameras, users can stay informed about the current state of the roads, ensuring a safer and more efficient journey. Download the app now to make your travels in California stress-free and enjoyable.



  • Love this app comes in handy when traveling in bad weather areas like Truckee Calif .
    2024-06-16 16:06:47
  • Very handy app to have especially if you're a commuter! Thank you so much for making this!!
    2024-06-15 19:46:10
  • Would LOVE this to work the same as the iPhone app with filters and notifications etc. In the works?
    2024-06-15 11:35:32
  • this app works good on my iPhone, but on my Samsung galaxy it stinks. I passed an accident yet the app on Samsung showed all clear.
    2024-06-15 06:55:08
  • Live mode doesn't work, can't see live how traffic is flowing.
    2024-06-15 02:53:40
  • Please see note re "full closure" of Hwy 140 near El Portal. Note also says that there are 2 lanes open. This is confusing.
    2024-06-14 11:47:26