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Discover the ultimate travel companion with Live Satellite Location Maps! This incredible Android app is your go-to solution for planning the perfect journey to any destination. With access to high-resolution 3D maps that are updated regularly, you can explore the world like never before. Say goodbye to traffic jams and roadblocks as Live Satellite Location Maps provides real-time information on road conditions and live alerts. The built-in GPS tracks your speed and reads directions aloud, ensuring a safe and hands-free driving experience. Whether you're an adventurer or a daily commuter, this app has it all, including saved addresses and route history. Unleash the power of Live Satellite Location Maps and download the APK now for the best route to your destination!

Features of Live Satellite Location Maps:

- High-resolution 3D maps: The app provides users with access to high-resolution maps in 3D, ensuring a clear view of their desired route.

- Regularly updated maps: This app updates its maps regularly, ensuring that users have the latest information when searching for the best route.

- Search engine: The app includes a search engine feature that makes it easier for users to reach their destinations. It provides information on road conditions, traffic, and live alerts to help users avoid traffic jams and reach their desired location safely.

- Built-in GPS with speed tracking: The app comes with a built-in GPS that tracks the user's speed and can read out directions aloud. This feature is particularly useful for solo drivers as it allows them to keep their hands on the wheel at all times.

- Additional road information: The app allows users to check out the latitude, longitude, altitude, and maximum speed of the road they're traveling on, providing them with valuable information about their route.

- Route history and saved addresses: Users can conveniently save their most visited addresses in this app. Live Satellite Location Maps also keeps a record of your route history in case you want to use the same routes in the future.


Live Satellite Location Maps is an essential Android app for travelers who want to plan the best route to any destination. With its high-resolution 3D maps, regularly updated information, search engine feature, built-in GPS with speed tracking, additional road information, and the ability to save addresses and route history, this app ensures a smooth and efficient journey. Download the Live Satellite Location Maps APK now to experience the convenience and reliability it offers.