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Introducing Rota77 - Motorista for drivers! With our user-friendly interface, drivers can now effortlessly receive new ride requests, boosting their daily earnings. Before accepting any request, drivers can conveniently check the distance to the passenger, ensuring a seamless experience. Plus, in case of any emergency, our app allows you to directly call the passenger, keeping you connected without worrying about extra fees from your operator. Rest assured, both our drivers and passengers are pre-registered, guaranteeing utmost security for everyone involved. Experience the most modern way to receive ride requests anytime, anywhere with our innovative app.

Features of Rota77 - Motorista:

* New job opportunities: The app allows drivers to receive new rides, helping them increase their daily revenue and expand their customer base.

* Distance verification: With this app, drivers can check the distance to the passenger before accepting the ride request. This feature enables drivers to plan their routes more efficiently and optimize their earnings.

* Emergency contact: In case of emergencies, drivers can directly call the passengers through the app using their own mobile carrier rates. This feature ensures quick communication and assistance when needed.

* Pre-registered users: Both drivers and passengers are pre-registered on the app, creating a safer environment for everyone involved. This feature helps build trust and provides peace of mind for both parties.

* Convenience: This app offers the most modern way to receive ride requests anytime and anywhere. Drivers can easily access new job opportunities and expand their business without limitations.

* Increased revenue: By using this app, drivers can maximize their daily revenue by accepting more rides and reducing downtime. This feature allows drivers to make the most out of their time on the road.


Rota77 - Motorista is a game-changer for drivers, offering them new job opportunities, the ability to plan their routes efficiently, instant communication in emergencies, a secure platform for both drivers and passengers, convenient access to rides, and the potential to increase their daily revenue. Download this app now and take your driving career to new heights!