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The Versatrans My Stop app is the ultimate tool for parents and guardians who want to stay informed about their child's school bus whereabouts. With just a few taps on their mobile devices, parents can access accurate and real-time GPS data to track the exact location of their child's bus. No more anxiously waiting at the bus stop or wondering when the bus will arrive! The app also sends notifications when their child scans on or off the bus, ensuring peace of mind and safety. Additionally, parents can receive mass notifications from the school district regarding delays or closures, keeping them up to date with important information. Don't miss out on this incredible app - contact your school district today to see if they offer access to Versatrans My Stop!

Features of Versatrans My Stop:

- Access to bus information: The app allows parents and guardians to access real-time information about their child's school bus, including its location and expected arrival time at their designated stop.

- Student ridership data: Users can view information on when their child scans on or off the bus, ensuring their safety and providing peace of mind.

- GPS tracking: The app utilizes GPS data to accurately track and display the location of the school bus, providing parents with real-time updates.

- Notifications: Users receive notifications when their child scans on or off the bus, ensuring that they are aware of their child's movements. Additionally, notifications are sent if the bus is running late, giving parents the opportunity to adjust their plans accordingly.

- Mass notifications: School districts can send mass notifications to all subscribed users, keeping them informed about important information such as school delays and closings.

- Secure access: The app guarantees the security of parents and guardians, offering them secure access to the information related to their child's transportation.


The Versatrans My Stop mobile app is a must-have for parents and guardians of students using the Versatrans transportation system. With this app, users can easily stay updated on their child's bus location and arrival time, ensuring their safety and allowing for better planning. The GPS tracking and notifications offer peace of mind, while the mass notifications keep users informed about any changes or delays. Download the Versatrans My Stop app today and experience the convenience and security it provides.