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Experience a hassle-free and convenient way of booking your travel with the Baraya Travel App. Whether you're planning a business trip or a quick getaway, this Shuttle travel service is your ultimate companion for Bandung-Jakarta routes. With just a few taps on your mobile Android device, you can easily purchase your Baraya Travel tickets online. No need to worry about payment options, as the app offers ten different channels for you to choose from. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to a smooth and seamless travel experience. Visit our website at for more information. Supported by Tiketux, your trusted travel partner.

Features of Baraya Travel:

Here are six features of this app:

❤️ Online ticketing: Users can conveniently purchase Baraya Travel tickets directly through the app, eliminating the need to visit physical ticket counters or make phone calls.

❤️ Multiple payment options: The app offers ten different payment channels, allowing users to choose the one that is most convenient for them.

❤️ Easy navigation: The user-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate through the app and find the necessary information.

❤️ Quick and secure transactions: The app ensures fast and secure transactions, providing users with a seamless ticket purchasing experience.

❤️ Real-time updates: Users can stay informed about any changes to their travel schedule or other important announcements through real-time updates provided by the app.

❤️ Additional information: For more details about the services offered by Baraya Travel, users can visit the website at


If you are looking for a hassle-free way to book tickets for your travel between Bandung and Jakarta, the Baraya Travel app is the perfect solution. With its user-friendly interface, multiple payment options, and real-time updates, this app makes the ticket purchasing process easy and convenient. Download the app now and enjoy a smooth and enjoyable travel experience with Baraya Travel.



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    2024-05-18 12:36:37
  • Masukin kode otp aja trus sampe kiamat
    2024-05-18 07:38:11
  • Kalau bisa jurusan cimahi tebet jadwal nya jgn terlalu pagi jam 7 atau jam 8 mantap
    2024-05-18 00:37:32
  • Bagus ko aplikasinya. Lebih gampang drpd nanya ke wa travelnya langsung
    2024-05-17 18:52:28
  • Gabisa mendaftar jadi member, upload foto gagal terus,mohon diperbaiki
    2024-05-17 13:29:42
  • gak ada fitur buat complain ya? kyk mo komplen nih skrg, travelnya udah dtg tp ternyata nungguin org. diem2 aja lg, gak dijelasin knp telat.
    2024-05-17 07:08:42