Truck Drive by Hublock

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Looking for a convenient, money-saving, and safe way to travel? Look no further! Introducing our all-encompassing app designed specifically for drivers. With our app, you can easily locate available parking spaces, saving you time and frustration. We also provide up-to-date gas station prices, ensuring you get the best deal on your route. Our intelligent route planning takes into account your vehicle's specifications, guaranteeing efficient and safe travel. Plus, you can share your location with family and friends, increasing your sense of security. Our intuitive task planning feature helps you organize your daily activities, and we even offer automatic warnings for bridges and overpasses with limited height and weight. Additionally, you can read and add reviews for parking lots and fuel stations to make informed decisions. Download our app today and experience the convenience, savings, and safety that our satisfied users value on the road!

Features of Truck Drive by Hublock:

- Location of available parking spaces: Easily find an available spot for your vehicle, eliminating the frustration of searching for parking.

- Display of gas stations with current prices: Save money on any route by easily locating and comparing gas prices.

- Intelligent route planning tailored to your vehicle's specifications: Plan your journey efficiently and safely, taking into account your vehicle's specific needs and limitations.

- Share your location with family and friends: Increase your sense of security while traveling by allowing your loved ones to track your whereabouts.

- Intuitive task planning for the driver: Organize your daily activities easily and efficiently, ensuring a structured and productive day.

- Automatic warning of bridges and overpasses with limited height and weight: Avoid potential accidents and damages by receiving alerts tailored to the parameters of your vehicle.


By providing these features, our app aims to enhance convenience, savings, and safety on the road. Join our satisfied users and experience the benefits of using our app.