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Introducing the Sweden Taxi app! Easily book your taxi with fixed prices and pay by card or PayPal directly in the app. We are Sweden's largest taxi company with strong local presence. Whether it's for private trips or business travel, we aim to make your taxi experience as easy as possible. Download the app today to find out how easy it is! Start the app and book directly from your current location, schedule future trips, add your destination for a fixed price, and confirm your booking. You can easily select different payment options and we provide status updates for your trip. Follow your car directly on the map and easily find your car with the taxi's car number. As a registered business customer, you also have the option to pay by invoice, travel account, or credit card. Contact us today to become a business customer. Have questions? Email us at [email protected] For more information, visit our website at Sverigetaxi is a part of the Cabonline group and is available in various cities across Sweden.

Features of this App:

- Easy taxi booking: Users can easily book a taxi with just a few taps on the app, making the process convenient and quick.

- Fixed price on all trips: The app provides users with the option to get a fixed price for their trip, eliminating any surprises or hidden fees.

- Pay by card or PayPal directly in the app: Users have the convenience of paying for their taxi rides directly within the app, using either their credit card or PayPal.

- Get status updates for your trip: The app allows users to receive real-time updates on the status of their taxi, including when it is on its way and when it has arrived.

- Easy selection of different payment options: Users can easily choose from various payment options, including in-car, credit card, or PayPal.

- Provides taxi's car number and location on map: The app provides users with the taxi's car number, allowing them to easily locate their taxi. It also displays the car's location on the map, enabling users to track its progress.


This app offers a user-friendly and convenient way to book taxis in Sweden. With features like easy booking, fixed prices, multiple payment options, and real-time updates, it aims to make the taxi experience as hassle-free as possible. The app also provides additional benefits for business customers, such as the option to pay by invoice and receive receipts directly to their company. With its strong local presence and extensive coverage across Sweden, this app is a reliable choice for anyone in need of a taxi service. Download the app today to experience how easy and efficient it is to book a taxi with this software.



  • Försökte välja på kartan Arlanda (kanske 10 platser) och genom textsökning och Arlanda terminal 5 eller annan är ogiltiga
    2024-04-02 16:42:35
  • Beställde taxi åt morsan i vintras och det gick galant. Mamma sa (som feedback) att det var en bra upplevelse och att i framtiden föredrar att ordna taxin vi appen.
    2024-04-02 10:52:03
  • Appen måste tillhandahålla funktioner för att avboka en redan beställd resa. Det är jobbigt att behöva ringa växeln för detta
    2024-04-02 10:12:21
  • Det borde bli billigare när kunden gör bokningen åt er. Dålig flexibilitet när man inte kan adressen exakt
    2024-04-01 06:58:21
  • En bra applikation som fungerar. Ger trygghet och feedback till mig som användare. MYCKET bättre än andra liknande appar hos konkurenterna!
    2024-03-31 20:46:45
  • Extremt dåligt. Vet man inte exakt slutdestination går det inte att boka. Appens fasta pris kostar mer än om du åker med rullande taxameter. Gör om gör rätt som Taxi Stockholm
    2024-03-31 20:42:42