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Introducing Stocks - US Stock Quotes, a user-friendly app that provides streaming quotes for all US stocks and allows you to easily manage your portfolios. Synchronize with web finance data, access stock quotes quickly, view stock charts from websites, and stay updated with the latest market and company news. This app is a must-have for tracking stocks from Nasdaq, NYSE, and AMEX in the United States. With features like EPS, PE ratio, beta, and shares information, customizable stock lists, and links to major financial websites and blogs, it is a comprehensive tool for investors. Download now and enhance your investment experience!

Features of Stocks - US Stock Quotes:

- Streaming quotes: This app provides users with real-time streaming quotes for all US stocks, making it easy to stay updated on market trends.

- Portfolio management: Users can easily manage their stock portfolios through this app, allowing them to track their investments effectively.

- Stock charts and news: The app synchronizes with web finance data, providing quick access to stock quotes, stock charts, and the latest market and company news.

- Stock information: The app displays essential stock information such as EPS, PE ratio, beta, and shares, allowing users to make informed investment decisions.

- Customization options: Users can customize the app by choosing between white and black themes, as well as removing, adding, and re-ordering stock symbols in their portfolio.

- Financial links and blogs: The app provides links to major financial websites and financial blogs, offering users a wealth of information and resources for their stock market research.


Stocks - US Stock Quotes offers a comprehensive set of features that make it a valuable tool for tracking and managing US stocks. With its real-time streaming quotes, portfolio management capabilities, stock charts and news, and customizable options, it provides users with the essential information they need to make informed investment decisions. Additionally, the inclusion of financial links and blogs further enhances the app's usefulness as a resource for stock market research. Overall, this app is user-friendly and attractive, making it a recommended choice for those looking to download a reliable stock market app.



  • Great app easy-to-use
    2024-05-21 14:43:38
  • Works very well all the time
    2024-05-20 21:32:45
  • Use it all the time very easily to use.
    2024-05-20 13:54:35
  • Would like to see improvements made to the line graphs
    2024-05-18 18:20:32
  • not enuff data accessed.
    2024-05-18 00:58:24
  • Fast easy to use
    2024-05-17 08:10:33