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Introducing TrueMoney, Thailand's leading financial app for mobile network users! With our all-in-one app, you can securely make cashless and cardless payments for all your everyday needs. From mobile top-ups, bill payments, online and offline purchases, to even saving accounts with cashback, insurance, and investments, we've got you covered. Enjoy exclusive promotions and discounts at a wide variety of merchants and services. Plus, we support businesses of all sizes and help SME entrepreneurs grow. With TrueMoney, you can top-up your prepaid phone numbers, send and receive money, shop without cash at thousands of stores, buy games and apps, and pay all your bills hassle-free. Explore more at or follow us on Facebook at Contact our 24/7 call-center or use our in-app live chat for any enquiries. Simplify your finances and unlock more possibilities!

Features of TrueMoney:

⭐️ Cashless and cardless payments: Make secure payments for everyday needs such as mobile top-ups, bill payments, and online/offline purchases.

⭐️ Exclusive promotions and discounts: Enjoy special offers across a wide range of merchants and services to save money.

⭐️ High yield saving account: Simplify your finances with a savings account that offers cashback after spending, giving you more possibilities.

⭐️ Instant mobile top-up: Easily top-up your prepaid phone numbers anytime and anywhere, with exclusive promotions and data packages.

⭐️ Secure money transfers: Transfer money securely and instantly between TrueMoney accounts, with features like gift envelopes and reminders to return money.

⭐️ Easy wallet top-up: Link a bank account or use various methods like internet banking, 7-Eleven, ATMs, and more for quick and secure wallet top-ups.


The TrueMoney App is a must-have financial tool for all mobile network users in Thailand. With this all-in-one app, users can enjoy the convenience of cashless and cardless payments for their everyday needs. They can also take advantage of exclusive promotions and discounts from various merchants, simplifying their finances with a high yield saving account and secure money transfers. The app also offers easy wallet top-ups through multiple convenient methods. Download the app now to experience hassle-free payments, exclusive offers, and more financial possibilities.



  • The mute useless notifications will never be a feature. I have looked into their NFT collection and one of the perks was "campaign notifications blocker". Really? ~$ 1.7k just to get a useless png and block in-app ads? That's insane.
    2024-05-14 22:49:13
  • Inactive account for a period of time, and your account will be permanently closed. The company will took away your remaining balance without notice, indisputable to refund or re-open your account. Rip off application. Never trust this company. Edit : Yes, I already contact your customer service team. Nothing change. That's why I reviewing this so people would well aware of it.
    2024-05-14 21:08:40
  • Registration process doesn't work - camera function just shows a black screen, and without that you can't scan passport. They do not offer an alternative form of registration, e.g. sending passport copy as an image file.
    2024-05-14 08:58:04
  • Too difficult to scan ID. After many attempts to register. the app seems dumber than i thought, waste my time. Not recommend, i only download this just bcus want to pay in 7-11. Banking app is way more easier to use and more useful.
    2024-05-13 07:05:24
  • Overall was good, except UI. Since you have a lot of info and promotions, but you do not provide search function that is very strange.
    2024-05-12 22:52:48
  • Never got succeeded in registration. No call center help. Always says to wait "within 3 business day" and had to wait more. No sms notification. Always end up without registered, no explanation. Really frustrated with lack of support.
    2024-05-12 19:41:38