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Introducing MyMoney, the ultimate personal money manager and budget app. With MyMoney, you can easily track your expenses, manage your budget, and understand your daily spending habits. This intuitive app offers a variety of helpful features, including customizable categories, a budget planner, effective analysis with clean charts, multiple accounts for managing your finances, and a simple and easy-to-use interface. Plus, with MyMoney's offline capabilities and safe and secure data storage, you can manage your money with peace of mind. Download MyMoney now and start taking control of your finances today!

Features of MyMoney App:

- Customizable Categories: Create and personalize your own income and expense categories, including icons, titles, currency sign, and decimal place. Make the app truly yours.

- Budget Planner: Plan your monthly budget and keep your expenses in check. Set budget targets and avoid overspending.

- Effective Analysis: Gain insights into your spending habits with clean and informative charts. Visualize your income and expenses with pie charts, cash flow charts, and account contribution bar charts.

- Multiple Accounts: Manage multiple accounts, including wallets, cards, and savings. Keep track of your money effortlessly.

- Simple and Easy: MyMoney is designed to be user-friendly and hassle-free. Its intuitive interface makes money management a breeze.

- Quick Homescreen Widget: Stay updated on your balance and add expense records on the go with the smart homescreen widget.


MyMoney is the ultimate personal finance manager app that offers a range of features to help you effectively manage your money. With customizable categories, budget planning, and insightful analysis, you can easily track your expenses and save money efficiently. The app's user-friendly interface and quick homescreen widget make it convenient to use on a daily basis. Whether you want to control your spending habits or achieve your budget goals, MyMoney is the perfect tool to simplify your financial management. Download now and experience the difference in your spending habits.



  • Love this! It's exactly what I needed and wanted, just one feature I wish you'd add is the savings account not to be added to the total balance.. I need my savings on the side so I don't count on them when I'm planning shenanigans..
    2024-02-11 13:01:16
  • The asthetic of the app is great and I use the app everyday for all of my expenses. I wish there was a graph which combines both income and expense so I can see the flow of both in one to see how my balance is increasing.
    2024-02-10 00:21:55
  • Efficient, straightforward for adding everyday expenses. Useful and simple.
    2024-02-09 20:03:07
  • It is perfect fit if one wants to track the expenses as you will have to log it and know exactly how much you are spending daily which controls unnecessary expenses. Just a nice tool to learn a habit of tracking spending daily and this one habit will make you stop spending on things that is not necessary
    2024-02-09 12:43:00
  • Been using this for a year. Very user friendly and easy to use. Please add subcategories in so we can track our spending better. Also, i found a bug where if we edit our categories, it will affect the old data and product incorrect data. Hard to explain here, anyway i can send the bug to the developer?
    2024-02-09 02:39:09
  • It's very good app for keeping your financial information including income, expenses and many more and easy to make follow up, with realistic graphs like pie chart and other, I have been using it for a while and it help me a lots. I give 4 stars
    2024-02-08 03:25:04