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IRL is not just any ordinary messaging app, it's the ultimate social messaging platform that takes your social life to the next level. With IRL, you can easily stay connected with your friends by following them and chatting with them in real-time. But that's not all - the app also allows you to join groups that align with your interests, helping you discover like-minded individuals and make new friends. Plus, you have the power to create both public and private groups, giving you full control over who joins. And let's not forget about the events feature! You can create and join events that will be added to your IRL calendar, making it effortless to manage your busy schedule. Whether it's a club meeting or a birthday party, the app has got you covered. And of course, the chat feature allows you to connect and engage with others, create polls, and even send hilarious gifs. So why wait? Start super-charging your social life with IRL today!

Features of IRL - Do More Together:

❤️ Social Messaging: The app allows you to connect and chat with your friends, making it a great platform for social messaging.

❤️ Friend connections: Follow your friends on IRL and stay connected with them. You can chat with them and see the events they are interested in, ensuring you never miss out on anything.

❤️ Group creation: Create groups based on your interests and discover like-minded individuals. This feature helps you make new friends and strengthen relationships with people who share the same interests as you.

❤️ Public and private groups: Groups can be both public and private, giving you the flexibility to decide who joins. This ensures that you can maintain privacy or interact with a wider community, depending on your preference.

❤️ Event management: The app's calendar feature enables you to manage your busy days effectively. You can create and join events, inviting your groups and making it easy to plan activities.

❤️ Interactive chat: Engage in lively conversations with your clubs, friends, school groups, or family members through the chat feature. You can create polls, send gifs, and even participate in worldwide chats, fostering more meaningful interactions.


IRL is an exceptional social messaging app that enhances your social life. It allows you to connect with friends, create and join groups, and manage your events seamlessly. With its interactive chat features and the ability to discover like-minded people, the app offers a platform that is both fun and engaging. Download the app now to start super-charging your social life!