Audio to Text Converter for What's App

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The Audio to Text Converter for What's App is an incredibly convenient app that allows you to easily read voice messages that you receive when you are unable to listen to them. Whether you're in a meeting or rushing to go somewhere, this app ensures that you don't miss out on important messages. Instead of listening to your voice messages, simply download this voice message to text transcriber app and read them after conversion. Additionally, if the message is in a language that you don't understand, you can select that language and have the message converted to text in your desired language. This speech to text converter app is incredibly helpful, especially for those who cannot listen to voice messages or simply prefer not to.

Features of Audio to Text Converter for What's App:

❤️ Voice Message to Text Conversion: Audio to Text Converter for What's App allows you to convert voice messages received on WhatsApp into text. This is especially helpful when you are unable to listen to voice messages, such as during a meeting or when you're in a hurry.

❤️ Language Translation: If the voice message is in a language you don't understand, the app enables you to select the desired language for the conversion. This feature allows you to read voice messages in your preferred language.

❤️ Easy to Use: Simply download and install the app, then choose and long-press the voice message you want to convert. Use the share options to select the app, and it will convert the audio file into text.

❤️ Share and Save Texts: You can easily share the converted voice messages in text form with anyone you want. Additionally, you can upload or save the texts converted from audio files for future reference.

❤️ Multiple Language Support: The app supports different languages, making it convenient for users who communicate in various languages on WhatsApp.

❤️ Offline Mode: Although better results are achieved with an internet connection, some languages can be converted to text even without an internet connection.


Download this Audio to Text Converter for WhatsApp app now and experience the convenience of reading voice messages instead of listening to them. With its easy-to-use features and support for multiple languages, this app is a helpful tool for busy individuals who want to stay connected on WhatsApp, even when they are unable to listen to voice messages. Share and save texts, and benefit from the app's offline mode for specific languages. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your WhatsApp experience - click to download now!