Gitter: Chat for GitLab, GitHub & more

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Gitter revolutionizes the way developers communicate, offering a platform dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation. Boasting unlimited public/private chat rooms, developers can seamlessly connect and exchange ideas with their peers, whether they belong to a developer community, open source project, technical team, or business. With the ability to search through past conversations, valuable information is always at your fingertips. What's more, Gitter integrates effortlessly with other tools, ensuring a smooth workflow. As the cherry on top, Gitter is built on top of GitHub, the world's largest network of software developers, enhancing its credibility and trust. Join the conversation and advance your coding journey with Gitter!

Features of Gitter: Chat for GitLab, GitHub & more:

- Seamless Communication: With the app, developers can easily engage in real-time conversations within chat rooms. Whether it's a public discussion or a private conversation, the app provides unlimited chat rooms to cater to all needs.

- Historical Insights: The app ensures that no conversation is lost. With unlimited and searchable chat history, users can refer back to previous discussions, access shared files, and gain valuable insights even after time has passed.

- Extensive Integrations: The app allows users to integrate various tools and services to enhance productivity. With unlimited integrations, developers can connect their favorite apps, streamline workflows, and minimize any disruptions while collaborating.

- GitHub Integration: Being built on top of GitHub, the app leverages the power of the world's largest network of software developers. This integration enables seamless code sharing, version control, and collaboration on projects, making it effortless for teams to work together.

- Open Source: The app's open-source nature fosters a collaborative community. Developers are invited to contribute and improve the app through simple merge requests. This ensures continuous enhancements and innovation based on the valuable feedback and input from the developer community.

- Easy Accessibility: The app's deployment on Heroku ensures easy access for users. This cloud-based platform allows developers to access the app from anywhere, at any time, without any hassle, providing convenience for seamless collaboration.


The app provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for developers to connect, collaborate, and unleash their full potential. With its seamless communication, historical insights, extensive integrations, GitHub integration, open-source nature, and easy accessibility, the app empowers developers to come together, share ideas, and drive innovation. Click now to join the vibrant developer community and unlock endless possibilities!