Dívida Aberta

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Dívida Aberta is a powerful and user-friendly app developed by the Attorney General's Office of the National Treasury. Its purpose is to promote public transparency and raise awareness about conscious consumption and active citizenship actions. With a range of functionalities, the app allows users to easily access information about debtors registered in active debt with the Federal Government or the Guarantee Fund for Length of Service (FGTS). Users can search for debtors by name, CPF or CNPJ, and even scan QR codes on invoices to check if establishments have any outstanding debts. The app also provides georeferencing of corporate debtors and offers a direct link to the REGULARIZE portal, where users can consult, pay, split or contest their debts through the PGFN digital platform. Additionally, users can contribute to credit recovery efforts by confirming the address of debtors. Dívida Aberta is a must-have app for anyone interested in staying informed about debtors and promoting responsible financial practices.

Features of Dívida Aberta:

* QR Code Reading: Easily scan QR codes on invoices to check if the establishment has any irregular debts.

* Quick Consultation: Instantly search for debtors by name, CPF, or CNPJ for a convenient and efficient search experience.

* Personalized Consultation: Customize your search by type of debt, state, municipality, economic activity, and debt value range for more specific results.

* Georeferencing: View corporate debtors on the map, allowing you to see the number of debtors in a particular region.

* Address Confirmation: Assist PGFN in recovering credits by verifying the debtor's address and providing valuable information.

* Informational Banners: Stay informed with the latest updates and important notices related to debts.


The Dívida Aberta App is a tool designed to promote transparency and encourage responsible consumption and active citizenship. With features like QR code reading, personalized consultation, georeferencing, and address confirmation, users can easily access information about debtors and make informed decisions. The app's user-friendly interface and customizable search filters ensure a seamless and efficient user experience. By providing valuable information and easy access to debt-related services through the REGULARIZE portal, the Dívida Aberta App empowers individuals to manage their debts effectively. Download the Dívida Aberta App now to take control of your financial obligations and contribute to a more transparent and accountable society.