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Introducing the АудиоВеда App! Say goodbye to the hassle of wires and wasting time dragging and dropping files. With АудиоВеда, you can easily download lectures directly to your mobile device memory, whether you're in a subway or a cafe with WiFi. The best part? You can download all the audio from a series of lectures with just one click! Plus, your listening history is seamlessly synced between the app and the website, so you can pick up where you left off no matter where you are. And don't worry about storage space - АудиоВеда keeps track of which materials you've already listened to and allows you to easily remove them to make room for new ones. Get access to a wide range of selected lectures that are also synchronized with the website, so you can enjoy your favorite content anytime, anywhere. Experience the convenience and efficiency of АудиоВеда today!

Features of АудиоВеда:

* Account Access: Users can access their favorites, wiretapping history, and downloads by logging into their account on the app.

* Easy Downloading: Users can easily download lectures directly to their mobile device's memory, making it convenient to access their library even when offline.

* Wireless Connectivity: The app allows users to refill their library using mobile internet or WiFi, eliminating the need for wires and saving time.

* History Sync: Users can access a history of lectures listened to on both the website and the app, ensuring a seamless listening experience across devices.

* Selected Lectures: The app synchronizes the list of selected lectures with the website, making it easy for users to upload their chosen lectures to their phone.

* Local Storage Management: The app provides a feature that helps users keep track of which materials they have listened to and allows them to remove them to make space for new ones, with options to sort by upload date, file size, and lecture name.


This app offers users convenient access to their account, easy downloading and wireless connectivity, seamless history syncing, a selection of lectures, and local storage management. With these features, users can enjoy an efficient and personalized listening experience. Click here to download the app and enhance your audio learning journey.



  • Very good
    2024-06-15 13:29:32
  • Everything is working so good
    2024-06-15 12:29:36
  • До этого слушал лекции через браузер. Теперь стало гораздо удобнее! Спасибо за приложение!
    2024-06-15 07:40:43
  • Как всегда, все просто и удобно. Очень круто!
    2024-06-14 22:44:02
  • Recommend to everyone ! Who ia looking for knowledge
    2024-06-14 08:54:36
  • Все класс. Только лично мне бы хотелось, чтобы были ещё реализованы такие вот функции как в плеере тотал коммандера: 1. Перемотка по 10-15 секунд. 2. Таймер на 15, 20, 30 минут прослушивания. 3. Чтоб сохранялось то место, где остановил лекцию даже после выгрузки приложения (если так возможно). PS. А где на телефоне сохраняются скачанные лекции?
    2024-06-13 22:45:38