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BetterStreet is a revolutionary app that bridges the gap between citizens and local authorities, making it easier than ever to address problems in your environment. Instead of feeling frustrated and powerless when you come across issues or degradations, BetterStreet empowers you to communicate directly with the authorities in a simple and user-friendly way. With this app, you can report any problem or suggestion in less than 30 seconds by taking a photo, tagging it with the relevant category, and adding an optional comment. Just click "Send" and your photo will automatically be geo-localized using your smartphone's GPS. Your municipality will be instantly notified and you can even stay updated on the progress of your issue or suggestion. Don't let problems go unnoticed - make a difference with BetterStreet.

Features of Betterstreet:

* Easy reporting: The app allows you to report issues or suggest improvements in just a few simple steps, saving you time and frustration.

* User-friendly interface: With a simple and intuitive design, anyone can use the app without any hassle.

* Quick photo tagging: You can easily take a photo of the problem or degradation, and tag it with the appropriate category to provide clear information.

* Optional comments: If you have any additional details or suggestions, you have the option to add comments to further explain the issue.

* Automatic geo-localization: The app automatically uses the GPS of your smartphone to accurately pinpoint the location of the problem, ensuring that the relevant authorities are notified.

* Status updates: You will be notified of how your issue or suggestion is being addressed by the municipality, keeping you informed every step of the way.


BetterStreet is a powerful tool that can narrow the gap between citizens and their local authorities, making it easy to report issues or promote improvements. With its user-friendly interface, quick photo tagging, and automatic geo-localization, the app streamlines the process of communicating with municipalities. Additionally, the option to add comments and receive status updates ensures that citizens are actively involved in the resolution of the problems they encounter. Download BetterStreet now and be a part of the collaborative effort to create a better environment for everyone.



  • Un login Facebook et c'est tout? Sérieusement? Dommage de vous priver de tout le public qui n'est pas sur Facebook, alors que le login Google est disponible pour tous les utilisateurs Android.
    2024-06-12 11:38:36
  • Easy to use for every one yet powerful , hope this can be adopted in my country Uganda.
    2024-06-10 10:56:00
  • Les problèmes que j'ai postés dans ma commune ont été résolu :-)
    2024-06-09 22:43:21
  • Simple and useful. Hope the authorities start using it soon.
    2024-06-09 01:05:43
  • Expect betterapp first
    2024-06-09 00:11:00
  • Unable to do anything due to an inactive session. Impossible to connect with any account.
    2024-06-08 21:59:54