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Download and install the new app from freenet Mobilfunk right away for full control, complete overview, and top-notch service when it comes to your mobile phone bill! With the app, you can always have your mobile phone tariff fully under control. Currently, the app is only available to freenet Mobilfunk private customers with a contract. We are working on a version for our business customers with framework contracts, prepaid customers, and customers with a pure data tariff. Full control - Convenient cost check - All tariff information at a glance. Complete overview - Your customer data in one view - Details about your mobile phone bill. Full service - FAQ section with current information - Convenient dealer search. Everything in your hands - directly on your phone. Your feedback helps us to become even better!

Features of freenet Mobilfunk:

- Full Control: The app allows you to have complete control over your mobile tariff, giving you the ability to manage it efficiently.

- Comprehensive Overview: You can easily access all your tariff information in a single view, making it convenient to track your usage and expenses.

- Detailed Billing: The app provides detailed information about your mobile bill, allowing you to understand every aspect of your charges.

- Extensive Service: It features a FAQ section with up-to-date information and a convenient dealer locator, ensuring that all your service-related needs are met.

- User-friendly Interface: The app is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for you to navigate and utilize its various features.

- Customer Support: In case you have any questions or suggestions, the support team of freenet Mobilfunk is readily available to assist you.


Download and install the new app from freenet Mobilfunk now to have full control, a comprehensive overview, and excellent service for your mobile bill. With this app, managing your mobile tariff becomes hassle-free, as it provides a practical cost check, all necessary tariff information at a glance, and detailed billing clarification. Furthermore, the app offers additional convenience by showcasing your customer data in a single view and facilitating a seamless dealer search. To enhance your experience, a user-friendly interface ensures smooth navigation. Should you require any assistance, the friendly support team of freenet Mobilfunk is just a click away. So, get the app today and enjoy the benefits it brings!