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ShareMe MiDrop Transfer files without internet, also known as MiDrop, is a revolutionary app that simplifies and accelerates file sharing on Android devices. With ShareMe MiDrop Transfer files without internet, you can effortlessly send files and documents with lightning-fast speed wherever you are. This app goes beyond the standard file transfer capabilities of your smartphone, making the process of sharing files a breeze. From important documents to memorable photos, ShareMe MiDrop Transfer files without internet supports all file types and devices without the need for an internet connection. Say goodbye to pesky ads and lagging transfer speeds, as ShareMe MiDrop Transfer files without internet boasts a maximum transfer rate of 50 m/s, making it nearly 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Join over 200 million users who rely on ShareMe for their file-sharing needs and unlock a whole new level of convenience and efficiency.

Features of ShareMe MiDrop Transfer files without internet:

* Fast and efficient file sharing: ShareMe allows users to quickly and easily share files and documents.

* Compatibility with all devices: This app can be used on all devices running on the Android operating system, ensuring that it is accessible to a wide range of users.

* No internet connection needed: ShareMe does not require a network connection, making it convenient for users to transfer files even in offline environments.

* Ad-free experience: Unlike many other file sharing apps, it does not contain intrusive P2P ads, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted user experience.

* High transfer speed: With a maximum data transfer rate of 50 m/s, it is capable of transferring files nearly 200 times faster than Bluetooth, saving users valuable time.

* Trusted by millions of users: Over 200 million users already rely on ShareMe MiDrop Transfer files without internet to transfer their important data, proving its effectiveness and reliability.


ShareMe MiDrop Transfer files without internet is a feature-rich app that offers fast file sharing, compatibility with all Android devices, offline functionality, ad-free experience, high transfer speeds, and a large user base. With its user-friendly interface and impressive capabilities, it is a must-have app for anyone looking to quickly and conveniently share files. Click here to download and start enjoying its benefits now!



  • "Bugs fixed" The app is still rubbish as usual.. İt keeps on stopping near the end on the loading bar and won't budge when I keep scanning the QR code, very stubborn system. Please fix this app
    2024-05-21 05:38:15
  • Superb.... App very fast sharing speed then Xender or other sharing apps try it to save your time I use it 1 St time and 5gb files are transferred within 136 seconds only
    2024-05-20 15:49:31
  • It was quick to transfer file worth UpTo 700 mb to another mobile of same brand with two different models Redmi 9c and Redmi S2 and it transfered data in 5 to 7 mins was a wonderful experience ...thanks to Redmi for giving a wonderful technology...
    2024-05-19 23:04:55
  • Iygufu y had a great deal to get through and was able and very Horizon a good one to be ABLE and we will be ABLE and very well prepared to do so and videos of the MOST important players have come to be very good and videos are a good way for them but to do it will be difficult to get into that the way we are playing and the players we are doing and we have a lot to play with and videos
    2024-05-19 21:16:30
  • This app is very nice this is a very easy way to transfer your all photos and videos
    2024-05-18 08:57:19
  • This is such a unhelpfull app. I was downloading free fire but this app doesn't give me permission to download the app. I not have understand what has happened with this app. I don't know that the app is wrong or my phone is wrong.
    2024-05-17 20:49:23