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Step into a whole new world with Oasis Start your second life, the captivating app that combines a simulator with a social network. Get ready to meet new people and forge friendships in this virtual realm. Create your very own avatar, customizing every aspect from hairstyle to outfit, and truly bring your virtual self to life. Dive into a game world filled with endless possibilities - from exploring stunning landscapes to leading an extraordinary virtual life. Sing your heart out with karaoke, watch movies, crack jokes, and engage in thrilling games. With its virtual scenes, Oasis allows you to shape your unique universe and embrace unparalleled emotions as you spend quality time with other users. Get lost in Oasis and start your second life today.

Features of Oasis Start your second life:

- Avatar customization: The app allows you to create a personalized avatar by choosing hairstyles, makeup, body shape, appearance details, and clothing options.

- Virtual world exploration: You can explore a captivating game world and live an extraordinary virtual life.

- Social networking: With Oasis, you can meet and connect with other users, potentially making lasting friendships.

- Entertainment activities: The app offers a wide range of activities like karaoke, movie-watching, joking, or playing games to keep you entertained.

- Unique universe creation: Through various virtual scenes, you have the ability to shape and create your own distinct universe within the app.

- Incomparable emotions: Spending leisure time with other users of Oasis can lead to unforgettable emotions and experiences.


Oasis Start your second life is an intriguing app that combines the elements of a simulator and social network. With its avatar customization, virtual world exploration, entertaining activities, ability to create a unique universe, and the opportunity to meet and connect with other users, it offers a delightful experience that guarantees incomparable emotions and an engaging way to spend your free time. Click here to download and embark on your next adventure in the Oasis!



  • I've played this game wayyy back 2020 I think. And I've met so many ppl here that became my friends. And I even get to meet one of my friends in person! Despite that, I also met some ppl I came to love as well. And especially now, the boy I met before in oasis is my lover, currently. Anw, I wanted to play this app again although I can't even get pass the loading screen and it won't work. Oasis was such a memorable game, hopefully it'll be restored again, I'd lovee to play it with my friends.
    2024-05-18 08:47:36
  • I like this app, its fun to make friends and even meet up with friends on this app, but I do have an issue with the dress up function every time I change the color on the clothing it changes back to the original color, even the outfits I've saved before this problem have the same issue, my app is updated and there's nothing saying that it needs an update either.
    2024-05-18 07:10:40
  • This game was really very good but suddenly it started showing system errors again and again. I Hope the game's developers can fix this. I am giving it 3 stars because it shows "System error"
    2024-05-18 00:56:43
  • I feel this app has potential growing, i really like the idea of making friends and have some interacrions in the game like dancing, drinking and eating, swimming and playing games with them. Also i feel like the avatars you choose from.and customazation should be worked on or even give people the option to create their own avatars so that they can feel unique. Bugs ive experience is the game lag that takes too long and then kicks you out of the game. I really hope you guys will fix the app.
    2024-05-17 08:14:07
  • I'm aware that yall have fixed the glitch which allowed us to get on the roof of the buildings but most of us are unhappy of this patch because the game gives us little opportunity to do much and that was one of the few things which kept us occupied during chat. I hope that you bring this back or add maps which are alot bigger and a bit more interesting, it doesn't have to be complex but we wish for more things to interest us, whether it's bigger maps or items to interact with or both.
    2024-05-17 04:49:41
  • it's a decent chat room game, honestly wish there was more to the character edit... there's not a lot of hair choices and clothing is ok. I wish there were some activities to do other than just talking and watching youtube. maybe also give people the ability to make a room that people can visit. not just make a room as in like the set room options they have but more of make the shape and edit the room to how you like. that way it's unique to you and you have the option to make a fun space.
    2024-05-16 14:40:57