QRUnico - Soluções integradas

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QRUnico - Soluções integradas is an innovative app designed to streamline the promotion and sharing of your business through QR codes. With the power of technology, the app reduces the need for paper, promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. By creating a digital web-based business card that can be easily shared as a link or interactive PDF, it offers a practical and professional solution for networking. The app also features a QR code reader, allowing users to effortlessly scan and access various QR codes. Additionally, it offers a range of modules, including an online catalog, contact network, and promotional tools, ensuring high sales conversion and an enhanced communication experience. Embrace the convenience, modernity, and sales-boosting capabilities of QRUnico today!

Features of QRUnico - Soluções integradas:

* QR code sharing: The app allows users to easily share their business information through QR codes, making it convenient for potential clients to access their data.

* Digital business card: The app creates a digital business card that can be shared as a link or an interactive PDF. This allows for easy and professional communication with clients.

* QR code reader: The app includes a QR code reader, enabling users to scan and access information from any QR codes they come across. This promotes convenience and efficiency.

* JPG and PDF file insertion: Users can insert JPG or PDF files in the QR PDF module to promote their products or services to those who have access to their digital business card. This feature enhances the marketing aspect of the app.

* Catalog and price display: The app offers an online catalog where users can present their products or services, complete with descriptions and prices. This helps potential customers make informed decisions and can lead to automatic purchases and payments.

* Networking opportunities: The app includes a network of contacts, allowing users to connect with other businesses that also use QRUnico. This fosters collaboration and expands the user's professional network.


QRUnico - Soluções integradas is a user-friendly app that simplifies the sharing of business information through QR codes. Its features, including digital business cards, QR code scanning, file insertion, catalog display, networking opportunities, and more, make it a valuable tool for modern and interactive communication. By using QRUnico, businesses can enjoy convenience, efficiency, and increased sales conversion. Download the app now to experience its numerous benefits and expand your business reach.