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anWriter free HTML editor is a powerful coding tool that offers autocompletion support for various web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Angular. It also supports other programming languages like C/C++, Java, SQL, Python, and LaTeX. With an integrated preview feature, you can quickly view your web pages within the app without the need to open a separate browser. Additionally, anWriter supports FTP, allowing you to easily download and upload files to a server. This versatile app provides syntax highlighting, autocompletion for functions and keywords, search and replace functionality, unlimited undo, and more, making it a lightweight yet feature-packed alternative to traditional notepad-like editors.

Features of anWriter free HTML editor:

> Autocompletion support for multiple coding languages: anWriter HTML editor offers autocompletion support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LaTeX (PHP, SQL in pro version). This feature helps streamline coding and saves time by suggesting code snippets and completing tags, functions, and attributes.

> Support for modern technologies: The app supports modern technologies such as HTML > CSS > jQuery, Bootstrap, and Angular, allowing users to easily work with the latest web development frameworks and libraries.

> FTP support: With an integrated FTP functionality, users can easily download and upload files to and from an FTP server directly within the app. Additionally, they can browse directories on the FTP server, making it convenient for remote file management.

> Preview web pages within the app: anWriter HTML editor allows users to preview their web pages directly within the application. This eliminates the need to constantly switch to a browser, making the development process more efficient. Furthermore, the app includes a JavaScript error console in the integrated viewer to help identify and debug errors.

> Support for various coding languages: In addition to web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, the editor also supports syntax highlighting for C/C++, Java, SQL, Python, and LaTeX. It even offers autocompletion for standard functions and keywords in C and Python, making it versatile for a range of coding projects.

> Lightweight installation: With an installation file less than 2MB, anWriter HTML editor is a lightweight app that doesn't consume much storage space on users' devices. This aspect ensures a quick and hassle-free installation experience.

Tips for users:

> Take advantage of autocompletion: Utilize the autocompletion feature to speed up coding and reduce the chance of errors. It provides suggestions and completes code snippets, saving time and effort.

> Preview web pages internally: Make use of the integrated viewer to quickly preview changes to web pages without opening a browser. This allows for a more efficient and seamless development workflow.

> Utilize FTP functionality: When working with remote servers, take advantage of the FTP support to easily transfer files to and from the server without relying on external file transfer tools.

> Explore language support: Besides web technologies, anWriter HTML editor offers syntax highlighting and autocompletion for various programming languages. Expanding your coding expertise is made easier with these additional features.


anWriter free HTML editor is a robust tool for coding and web development, offering a range of features to enhance productivity. Its autocompletion support, multiple language compatibility, integrated previewer, and FTP functionality make it a comprehensive solution for both beginner and experienced developers. With a lightweight installation and efficient performance, anWriter HTML editor is a valuable app for coding on the go. Download it now to enjoy a more streamlined coding experience.