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Introducing the Graphing Calculator, a game-changing app that will revolutionize the way you approach math problems. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly draw graphs and solve even the most difficult equations. Whether you're a high school student struggling with homework or a professional in need of accurate calculations, this app has got you covered. Say goodbye to tedious calculations and hello to a seamless learning experience. This scientific graphing calculator is not only detailed and easy to understand but also offers the convenience of offline mode. Stop wasting time and start unlocking your mathematical potential with it.

Features of Graphing Calculator:

❤️ Draw beautiful and easy-to-see graphs: The app allows you to create visually appealing graphs that are easy to understand.

❤️ Offline mode: You can use the app without an internet connection, making it convenient to use anywhere, anytime.

❤️ Solve complex math problems: This app helps you solve difficult equations, including x + y math problems, making it valuable for high school students and beyond.

❤️ Function drawing and finding intersections: You can easily draw functions and find intersections, making it convenient for analyzing mathematical relationships.

❤️ Accurate symbol distinction: The app allows you to distinguish symbols accurately and efficiently, ensuring clarity in your calculations.

❤️ Improve equation-solving thinking: By using this app, you can develop and improve your thinking skills in solving equations, helping you become a better math student.


The Graphing Calculator - Algeo is a powerful and popular scientific graphing calculator app. It offers a wide range of features, including the ability to draw beautiful and easy-to-see graphs, solve complex math problems, and find intersections. With an offline mode and accurate symbol distinction, it provides convenience and clarity in your calculations. By using this app, high school students and learners of all levels can improve their equation-solving thinking and excel in math. Start using the Graphing Calculator - Algeo now to enhance your math skills.



  • I love this calculator. I've used it for around 8 years now. I used it for all of engineering school and it was great. I use it in my day to day now and it's great.
    2024-06-16 20:13:56
  • Use this all the time, I love the design and I don't need a graphic calculator so really happy
    2024-06-16 03:15:52
  • I don't think any calculator app is better than this. Using it for 6 years now and still can't find a better app
    2024-06-15 22:19:39
  • Good calculator, but hating the new placement of the return key, and the backspace key.
    2024-06-14 05:03:37
  • Minimal Ads, very fast Does everything well Perfectly adequate for college level science and maths
    2024-06-13 13:47:30
  • Best calculator app on android. Super complete, easy to use and functional. Support the devs!
    2024-06-12 23:43:06