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Study at your own pace and in your own way with questions answered in text and/or video! Subjects from the most competitive exams in the country: More than 2 million registered questions. Combine filters for personalized studying: Choose filters by subject, year, and more. Multiple combinations available, including exclusive filters. Analysis from experts in the field: Our professors are constantly formulating new comments. Create question notebooks and optimize your time: Create as many notebooks as you want with personalized filters and enhance study organization. Share your notebooks on social media and study with your friends. Study with exclusive audio content: Benefit from over 1500 Casts for your preparation. Download the Estratégia Concursos app now and study with the top-scorers in public exams in Brazil! If you want, contact us at

Features of Estratégia Concursos:

> Study at your own pace: This app allows you to study in a way that suits your needs and schedule, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience.

> Text and video-based answers: Get access to a variety of study materials, including text-based explanations and video tutorials, to enhance your understanding of complex topics.

> Wide range of subjects: With over 2 million registered questions, this app covers the most competitive exams in the country, ensuring you have access to a comprehensive study resource.

> Personalized study filters: Customize your study experience by selecting filters based on subjects, years, and more. This app allows you to combine multiple filters, including exclusive exclusion filters, giving you tailored study materials.

> Expert analysis: Benefit from insights provided by experienced teachers, who constantly formulate new comments and explanations to help you tackle challenging questions with confidence.

> Organize your study materials: Create multiple question notebooks with personalized filters to maximize your study efficiency. Share your notebooks on social media and collaborate with friends, making studying a collaborative and enjoyable experience.


Take control of your exam preparation with the Estratégia Concursos app. Join the ranks of top-scorers in public exams in Brazil by downloading the app today. For inquiries, reach out to us at and unlock your path to success.